It’s not about Punishment. It’s about YOU!

Not living a life you love  especially knowing it – and doing nothing about it, not allowing yourself to even dream about a life you love, not even allowing yourself to imagine, play or envision a business that feels purposeful and passionate…that’s punishment. Downright cruel.

For times you’ve toned down your magic, for times you’ve held your tongue, for times you’ve sold out, for times you’ve kissed ass to get ahead, for times you’ve tricked people into doing business with you, for times your life and business became merely transactional…that’s punishment for crimes against your humanity.

You don’t need saving – you already matter. You’re already beautiful. You’re already gifted. You’re already magnificent – you don’t need saving.

You need…

shifting vertically

shifting expansively

shifting abundantly

shifting graciously

 shifting beautifully

shifting generously


My Daily Whip journey started with an Aristotle quote “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.”

But I needed to translate it into words, language, sound-bites…a catchy URL that I could relate to, a sexy phrase with direct impact and an automatic visual.

Daily Whip is not about punishment. You’ve been punished enough.

It’s about accountability to…

love yourself

amplify your generosity

share your gifts, talents and quirks with others

philanthropy. starting with yourself

 social entrepreneurship. starting with your loved ones

live a big life. not own a big house

 have a love affair. with yourself


Being your true, crazy-lovely self, in life and in business is thorny and challenging.

Hence, the necessity for hardcore accountability.

Everyday you start anew. Everyday my whip is wound. Ready to crack when I sense or see that you are cheating – on yourself.

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