Winners Quit The Things That Make Them Lose (But Keep Your Power-Suits, Champagne & Beluga Caviar)

It was 2002 – six months after I’d escaped the stripper pole.

Finally, I’d arrived.

No longer taking my clothes off to make a living, I thought I was on my way to having the career I’d always dreamt of as a little girl.

The one where I wore Joan Collins style power-suits, rode in limousines while drinking Champagne and eating Beluga caviar, and negotiated multi-million dollar deals in luxurious penthouse boardrooms.

Well, that’s not exactly what my job was like … yet.

It was more like hook up a construction-trailer, drive to the hardware store to pick up sheet-rock, 2 X 4’s, and plumbing supplies all the while maintaining some sort of resemblance of a high-heeled fashionista.

But I thought that with enough hard work, I could make it my dream career a reality.

However, after 3 years of wheelin’ and dealin’ commercial real estate, I wasn’t riding to work in a limousine penthouse – or wearing Joan Collins style power-suits – and the worst part? Even though, there were ample opportunities to advance my career and make lots of money, I began to hate my job.

I started to hate my job.

: I no longer got up the first time the alarm rang.

: I came to work later and later and left as soon as I could.

: I cried in the bathroom (and wrecked my Dior mascara) on a weekly basis.

: I thought about going on Prozac.

But rather than quit my job, I told myself to buck up and be strong, that no job is ever perfect.

I kept lying to myself.

And kept crying in the bathroom (and wrecking my Dior mascara).

There were ample opportunities to advance my career and make lots of money. I HAD IT MADE! A corner office, I didn’t have to take my clothes off – and I could watch Oprah while working.

Any sane person from the outside would look at my job and think I had a good thing going. But I was NOT happy!

I had no idea what I was going to do for a career … or how to even go about figuring that out.

So I started planting seeds, speaking out to the Universe, waiting and listening …

And the Universe talked back. Big time (and what it said is another story for later)!

But I had to go first.

I had to make the heart and mental space to quit the career path I was walking. And look what happened!

It’s time to stop being strong – being strong can make you weak.

When you’re weak, you keep moving with the status quo – and grind down your soul.

Only losers keep living seemingly safe, predictable, pre-packaged lives that keep ’em chained to comfort.

And you’re no loser.

SO QUIT! That’s what WINNERS do.


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