Do You Really Want To Be Growing Crabby F*ckers?

I just got back from a month-long working/retreat in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica.

(Yes! It was totally as awesome as it sounds!)

And our first week there, I wanted to go out to a delicious vegan meal, so I’m reading restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor, when I noticed something that really bugged me.

This particular place has good reviews.

Except for one.

And the negative review isn’t even related to the food or service – it was a complaint about the bathroom.

The restaurant owner responded, explaining the issue, apologizing for the inconvenience, and inviting the customer to return soon.

That’s taking care of your people.

However, the owner addressed only the complaint on TripAdvisor.

He ignored all the other 20+ comments – which happened to all be rave reviews.

He’s giving his unhappy clients all his love. So what’s left for the happy ones?

Let’s back up a minute.

If you are an unhappy customer, tell somebody while you’re there at the restaurant, store, transaction, whatever.

Always give the service provider a chance to remedy the situation.

(I can’t stand people who post to Twitter and Facebook about bad experiences at restaurants or stores without ever having gone straight to the source first so they have a chance to fix it. Those people are addicted to being crabby fuckers!)

(Yes, I did say “crabby fuckers.”)

If you’re spending all your time appeasing the clients who are unhappy, then you’re not giving enough joy to the clients who love you.

And that’s a mistake, because … clients who love you will make you rich!

Pay attention to all of your clients, happy or unhappy – but focus the majority of your energy on the ones who love you.

Where your attention goes is what grows: do you really want to be growing crabby f*ckers?


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