WINDEX! In My Sushi

Last Friday night, I went out for sushi and ordered my favorite: spicy tuna rolls.


But just as I was about to take a bite, one of the restaurant staff sprayed down the table behind me with WINDEX!

Enveloping me, my beautiful spicy tuna rolls, my companions and their food, in a nasty cloud of isopropynol, 2-butoxyethanol, and ethylene glycol n-hexyl ether.

(Yes, I did look that up.)

First things first: I can’t believe businesses would choose to continue using these type of chemical cleansers.

But a restaurant, where people are, you know, eating and drinking? It’s madness. There are so many environmentally-friendly options available now! It’s not the ‘90s, for the love of God!

But that aside, that toxic moment got me to thinking about how it’s the small details that turn people off. 

And how we need to think about the entire customer experience. It’s not just delivering the product. It’s not just having a good rapport. It’s everything.

Timing. Listening. Paying attention.

It’s about being aware of what you’re like to work with. And it’s about being mindful of every step in your process.

One thing that helps immediately?

Create a customer survey.

Even a brief comment card with these 2 short questions will do.

#1 What did you not like?

#2 What did you like?

(Hint: People ALWAYS know what they didn’t like – so start there. Give them the opportunity to vent and it gets their comment juices flowing. If you make it easy for them, they’ll give you valuable feedback.)

Oh, and that restaurant? I’m not going to go rant about them on Yelp. That’s not helpful.

Instead, I’ll send them a link to this post. Because I love their sushi. I just don’t want a chemical bath with it.


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