Thank You for NOT Doing Business With Me (No. Seriously Thank You.)

Do you get pissed when your potential clients don’t buy from you?

Boy, did I used to.

Way back in my strip club days, I even whacked a customer on the top of his head with my purse once, I was so pissed. But what did I care? Chances were I’d never see that guy again.

Well (ahem!), things are different now, and in the big-girl world you need to treat your business like a lady – and your customers like ladies and gentlemen – or you won’t make it.

If you’re rude, chances are someone is tweeting about it or telling all their friends about it on Facebook.

I know you don’t mean to be rude – in fact I know you have the best of intentions.

And sometimes your feelings really do get hurt.

After all, you’ve poured your heart & soul into your business. Things can sting.

So here’s a little trick I’ve devised.

This trick has helped me clear over 6 figures in the last six months, and kept my buildings at a 98% occupancy when I was in charge of leasing at my commercial real estate company. Ready?

I actually thank people for NOT doing business with me!

I do this even if I haven’t made a single sale that day. And trust me: there are plenty of days when no cash walks through my door.

Why do I do this?

Because I trust that the right people show up at the right time.

I want my business to be a fun party that people want to come to because they feel invited, not because they’re afraid I’m going to whack ’em with my purse.

Learning to trust that the ideal people will show up is mega-mega-mega crucial.

If you’ve done the work, you’ve clearly defined your target market, and you know your products and services are outasight, then stay strong!

‘Cause they’re coming: your clients, your allies, your endorsers and your cash. (You’re asking them for that cash, right?)

So, c’mon, say it with me (it’s good practice): Thanks for NOT doing business with me!




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