Don’t Let Your Customers Wander the Aisles (Uh Ma’am … The Peanut Butter Is In THAT Aisle.)

You’re an expert at what you do, packed with confidence and ready to take on the world.

So why do you freeze when you’ve got a potential client who can’t make up her mind?

I’ve got a secret for you.

Your customers WANT to be told what to do.

Yes, it’s 100% true!

Kick up your stilettos and gather ’round – it’s story time.

Browsing the aisles of Whole Foods, I looked at my shopping list and saw fish oil.

Oh crap, here we go again.

Fish oil is the only supplement that I haven’t formed an opinion on – and haven’t faithfully aligned with a brand.

I go through this tortuous decision-making process every single time.

: What kind do I need?

: How much do I need?

: What brand should I buy?

I spend forever reading the labels and then just end up winging it. And the next time I’m at the store, I’m wondering if I should try another brand, so I go through the process all over again.

Well this time, I was in luck!

As I approached the fish oils, the heavens parted and a lovely lady swooped in and asked, “Can I help you?” YES! So I told her my problem.

She listened carefully and then said, “Well, I do have to be forthright and let you know that I work for Nordic Naturals.”

“Why did you choose Nordic Naturals?” I asked.

She told me she has fibromyalgia. And that when she takes Nordic Naturals, she feels amazing and full of energy. No other fish oil company did that for her.

And then she told me she specifically sought out Nordic Naturals so that she could work for them!

I was THRILLED! “Tell me which one to buy,” I begged her.

She asked me a few questions. What were my needs? Was I more interested in saving money or saving time? And voilà! She picked out the perfect fish oil for me.

I am forever grateful to this woman.

She saved me tons of time & energy by telling me exactly what to do. And now I don’t have to panic the next time fish oil makes an appearance on my shopping list.

So the next time you meet people who have the problem your products + services solve …


They’ll love you forever.




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