Will They Sell Their GUCCI Bag to Work With You?

Are you desperate for clients? 

Then you’re probably working your booty off to seal the deal.

You’re doing lots of cajoling and convincing and sweet-talking to close a deal.

You’ll work with anyone!

And then your clients turn out to be nightmare clients. Am I right?

: Never happy.

: Always complaining.

: And pretty much ungrateful that your product or service ever came into their life.

Which makes you CRAZY, of course, because you’ve been crafting and perfecting your products and services for years. You have insane amounts of industry knowledge.

You live for what you do!

You’ve put everything on the line to make it happen.

Well, guess what.

Your clients shouldn’t sort of want to do business with you; they should want to do business with you so badly that they’d sell their GUCCI bag to make it happen!

They should be willing to eat rice & beans for weeks if it means working with you.

Because ultimately?

People don’t buy on price—they buy on value.

Which is why the buck truly does stop with you.

If you don’t value your products & services – to the point that you would go without luxuries like handbags, organic food, gourmet coffee, French wine, etc., for them – and really, really understand the expansive value you bring to the deal…

…then your clients won’t value you, either.

Bad news can be good news.

When you value your products & services sooo much you’d sell YOUR Gucci bag to work with you – you’ll be well on your way to MEGA bucks.




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