Strong, Sassy, Luxury…Flats?!

I have a deep, dark secret…

I love to wear flats!

Now, before you toss your stilettos in the trash, let me explain myself.

I still love the power you get from a great pair of heels.

But some days, I want to be comfy. Of course, I still have to look cute – no catching me mooching around in my bathrobe and flip flops!

That’s why I LOVE Tieks.

They’re cute, they’re comfy, and they do an AMAZING job of making me feel special, from the instant that perfect little box comes in the mail.

My second pair just arrived the other day. Let me tell you about it…

I’m so excited – my Tieks box is here! I love that their packaging has no wasted space, just wall-to-wall fabulousness. Who has time for packing peanuts?


This gorgeous branded box is like gift-wrapping just for me.

They could’ve just used any old box, but they gave me something beautiful, branded, and well-made. You can already tell this is a quality pair of shoes, not some ratty flip-flops. And check out that adorable flower!

Tieks sends their shoes with two pouches to carry them with you, in case your feet get tired from a long day of marching around town in your stilettos!


 I got this fabulous hand-written card when I ordered my first pair of Tieks…


And this one with the second pair! I love the personal touch, and that they kept track of my orders so I feel really special & appreciated.


Tieks come with a gorgeous marketing brochure, so you’re already dreaming about your next pair. Always be seducing. I’m already craving a red pair.


More advertising seduction. Now I’m craving THESE colors – and a leopard print chair!


I love their easy-peasy return policy. Not that I’m letting these hot shoes out of my sight! But it’s reassuring that it’s so easy, in case I “accidentally” place an order for, say, one in every color.

Fancy ladies love flats too. Sexy and elegant! Is that inspiration for my next flower arrangement I see there?


And now, after a slow and seductive striptease through all the boxes and glossy photos, we finally get to…

My Tieks! This is my first pair.

Check out that sassy blue sole! I love that they don’t ignore that little detail. It may be facing the sidewalk most of the day, but doesn’t it make you feel special to know your shoes are gorgeous right down to the sole?



And here they are – my BRAND NEW pair of Tieks. What do you think? I love them! The question is…what color will I get next?



Have you had any amazing brand experiences lately? Products or companies that you want to blog about? I want to know!




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