Complaining Ain’t Classy. And This Is Worse!


What’s BUMplaining, you ask? It’s …

Being a Bum + Complaining = BUMplaining.

Complaining without taking action.

Nobody wants to hang out with a whiner who constantly complains but never does anything to solve her problems.

So what has you BUMplaining?

The weather?


Gas prices?

Now, what about the things that ARE in your control, but you’re still complaining about them – and refusing to take action? 

How about your graphic designer who never emails you back? She’s driving you nuts, but rather than fire her, you call your best friend on a weekly basis and bitch about it.

Ready to craft a killer sales presentation that you KNOW your business needs, but instead of sitting down and spending 5 minutes just STARTING it, you BUMplain about it for months?

If you had been taking action instead of BUMplaining, you’d be done by now.

Or how about this one: You hire someone because they will work on the cheap, and you end up with a product that isn’t very good. But rather than spending the money on someone who does amazing work, what do you do?

You got it! BUMplain!

Here’s your final tip.

Wine is classy.

Whine isn’t classy.





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