How To Be Original (This One’s Fast & Effective!)

LOOK ELSEWHERE for inspiration.

I’m talking magazines, books, TV shows, the mall, or other websites. Take a walk, go to the museum, or travel to another country.

Then TURN INWARDS for creation.

Strap on your blinders. Pull the shades. Lock the door. Turn off the Internet. Shut off your phone, and tell everyone not to bother you.

Once you’re inside your glamorous hideaway, tap into YOU. Your brain has logged ALL the info you need. Trust that you are brilliant & something new WILL emerge.

(And let Ellis Faas be your inspiration! She couldn’t create this kind of art if she were busy trying to copy Maybelline or MAC.)

Now repeat after me:

I, [fill in your name], promise to look elsewhere for inspiration & turn inwards for creativity.

Remember – I’ve got my eye on you.





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