Why It’s Good to Be Boring

Are you afraid your offering isn’t exciting enough?

And because you’re worried about being boring, you aren’t marketing and selling your offering – which means you’re not making the kind of money you KNOW is possible IF you could only make your offer sound SUPER exciting!

Well, did you know that it’s actually GOOD to be boring sometimes?

Yes. It’s true! Because the marketplace has very boring problems.

Here are some boring things I spent money on this year:

: Car tune-up + new tires

: Painting 3 rooms in my house

: Tree trimming

: New dining room light

: Copywriting + editing

: VA services

: Graphic design

: Website design + maintenance

: Hair, makeup + skin care

Get the idea? Boring and super basic.

So think about it…what problems do you love to solve that are SO basic they could be considered boring?

It fact, they most likely ARE considered boring.

But boring basic problems are what people have.

And if you help your clients solve their problems, you WILL make money. And THAT is NOT boring!

Try this.

For one day, pretend that your business is super-duper, uber boring.

No gimmicks. No clever marketing. Just the facts, ma’am.

How could you talk about your product or service in a way that’s really boring?

I’ll go first.

“Hi! I’m Erika I’m a business, sales & marketing mentor.

(Now even though that sounds soooo boring, do you think I’m boring?)

Your turn!





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