Get Out A Big Red Sharpie & Cross Success OFF Your Calendar

Have you crossed success off your calendar?

If not, I recommend you get a big red Sharpie and do it right now. You heard me. Put a big ‘X’ all over it.

Have I lost my mind?

Why would I tell you to cross success OFF your calendar?

Here’s why. I’ve spent more than 3,800 hours and over 4 years writing a book that’s only 135-pages long.

And what’s funny is that I actually made a bet with my book publisher that I’d have the rough draft of Think Like a Stripper done in 60 days.

After two weeks of banging out copy, my brain was empty.

Major writer’s block to the 10th degree! And I still owe Mark, the CEO of Hillcrest Media Group, dinner.

I won’t go into all the details of the ups & downs of writing my book – because today I want to make sure you aren’t making the same mistake I did.

I put a deadline on my success.

Have you ever done the same thing: watched the calendar, wondering when your business will take off?

Here’s the secret I wish I would have known.

Success has NO deadline.

And whatever you do to try to speed it up will only make you feel more impatient, more frustrated, more irritated, more wondering when your turn is coming instead of doing what it really takes to be successful.

Practice. Patience. Perseverance. Trial & error.

And you won’t get there till you get there.

: Tieks made hundreds of ballet flat prototypes. Now they have wait lists MONTHS long. Does that suck when I have to wait for my pale pink flats to arrive at my front door? Yes. Are they worth waiting for? YES!

: Dyson Vacuum Cleaners made 5000+ prototypes of their vacuums. And I am so happy they did – I love my DC44 Animal.

: Julia Child spent two years and 284 pounds of flour making French baguettes before she perfected her famous recipe. (Which, full disclosure, I’ve never baked. I’m a blender, juicer, toaster kinda gal. Quick & easy is how I chef.)

Now don’t you want people raving on social media about your product or service?

: Writing blog posts about how good your stuff is?

: Waving fists of cash to get their hands on your goods?

: Selling their GUCCI bags to get a piece of the action?

If you’re desperate to cross success off your to-do list; it will never happen for you.

And I know that’s not what you want.

So remove the deadline to success.

Killer products & services happen in the slow cooker: NOT the microwave.

And with that I’m off to plan my Think Like a Stripper book launch.

Because while I don’t have a success deadline; I am well on my way to a book launch date.





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