Are Customers Falling for Your Competitors? (Thank Them. And Go From ‘That Bitch’ To ‘My Biz Bestie’.)

Imagine for a moment if the Super Bowl was played with only one team.

One team passing back and forth to each other, making a few touchdowns (how the scoring would work is beyond me)…

Major. Snoozefest.

We’d have no one to root for, no one to cheer for, no one to make fun of, nothing to get mad at, nothing to get happy about!

(I’ll bet Beyonce wouldn’t even show up for the halftime show.)

Here’s the truth.

Competition is fun.

Consider this…

: Mac is better because of PCs—they know what NOT to do. Is my bias showing?

: Starbucks is better because gas station coffee exists.

: Target is better because other discount stores gave us generic polyester pants while Target teamed up with Neiman Marcus.

Competition provides the opportunity to create something amazing that’s never existed before.

When you discover a competitor, ask yourself these questions:

1) Is there anything my competitor is doing that I should be doing?

2) What could I do that would set me apart from my competitor and make customers flock to me instead?

(And don’t forget, with 7 billion people on the planet, there is MORE than enough love to go around for everyone’s products and services.)

So thank your competitors. And use them to make your own business even better.





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