It’s Your Turn To Think Like A Stripper

From the first time I set a stiletto-heeled foot into a strip club – as a customer with some friends – to the first time I got naked on the big stage myself, an entire year passed.

A couple of girlfriends of mine who were stripping had suggested I do it too—but it took me that whole year to get up the nerve to try.

(Public nudity did NOT come naturally to this Protestant-raised Midwestern girl!)

As you’ll read about in Think Like a Stripper I prepped, planned and primed myself for my first performance as much as I possibly could, but it wasn’t until my first shift at the club that I got to experience what it was really like to expose myself that way.

Well here I am again.

Exposing my story for the whole world to read, discuss, love, or hate it.


And even though Think Like A Stripper has A-List Endorsers and so much prepping, planning and primping has been done to prepare myself, I have NO idea what is going to happen. 


“SO great.” – Gala Darling, international playgirl and head mistress at The Blogcademy

“Want to thrive as an entrepreneur? Erika’s book will help you do just that! Erika will not only whip you into shape with her wit, humor, and no-nonsense advice, but show you how to bounce back from failure to become the confident sales superstar you’re meant to be.”

—Barbara Corcoran, founder of Corcoran Group and star of ABC’s hit series “Shark Tank”

“Settle in for a great read.” – Justin Musk, author of Blood Angel, Lord of Bones and Uninvited

“This book might surprise you. In it, Lyremark distills her unusual career experience into savvy, actionable advice on how to leave your comfort zone, how to handle success and failure, and how to stay sane under pressure. This is a smart and provocative read.”

—Daniel H. Pink, #1 NY Times bestselling author of To Sell Is Human, Drive & A Whole New Mind


Here’s where my thoughts travel on a good day.

: Ryan Seacrest reads the book on a flight between LA and NYC, calls me from First Class and begs me to let him produce my reality TV show.

: Diablo Cody emails me asking if she can write the screenplay. Selena Gomez has already agreed to play the 21 year-old version of me and Salma Hayek will play my current 42 year-old self. (Hey since I’m imagining here, I totally get to be Latina for the movie.)

: Every person who bought 50 Shades of Gray (and their best friend who didn’t) buys my book and petitions the United States Government to have a national Think Like Stripper Day. (Of course Congress says “YES!” because they’ve all read the book and love it too!)

: Michael Bloomberg gives me the keys to New York City – as well as the keys to Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue so I can sneak in when all the customers are gone and load up on whatever fits my fancy that day.

And really I could go on about the good days, but on the bad days…

: I’m pelted with organic rotten tomatoes as I strut through Times Square.

: Bill O’Reilley & Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura HATE the book and all nominate me to become the poster child for the anti-pornography movement. The book comes to represent everything that is wrong with our society, and mothers shield their daughters’ eyes when I walk by.

: Or the WORST scenario: nothing happens. NOBODY reads my book or loves it or hates it. (IGNORED! Oh just writing this almost has me crying in the bathroom wrecking my mascara.)

And while our minds can travel to lots of amazing and magical places – or to dark and dreary nightmares, the reality is that we just don’t know what’s going to happen until we DO the thing we’re dreaming of doing.

And today is the day I’m DOING IT!

Because even though it still takes nerves of steel—just like it did to climb onstage years ago—I couldn’t NOT share my story with you.

The surprising lessons I learned in the strip club have been the MOST valuable to my success.

And my hope is that today will be the day YOU decide to Think Like A Stripper and discover the amazing things that can happen for you when you “Remove the Safety Net” and “Get Naked for your Red Carpet Dream.”

Now where are your favorite stilettos…








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