Selling Made Glamorous (Time To Whip Out Your Lip Stick.)


A few weeks ago I was on my way to give another talk at Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle conference, and while on the road I started thinking a lot about sales (since that was the topic of my talk!).

I LOVE sales because it’s THE key to entrepreneurs not only growing their businesses – but also increasing their confidence in EVERY area of their businesses.

And yet for a lot of us sales can feel unnatural and scary, because we think we need to ‘do it right’ or ‘close the sale’.

Naturally, if you focus on either of those outcomes you’ll feel apprehensive about putting yourself out there and having the crucial conversations that provide the most powerful growth experiences.

So the question is, how do you get past that apprehension, so that you can get out there and hustle your business like you mean it?

Well you’re in luck: I have a simple trick for you.

I shared it recently with a woman I met at the last Spark & Hustle, and she got so excited she nearly hugged me to death!

If you’re still feeling apprehensive or even downright SCARED about sales, watch this video right now.

You’ll not only scoop up a Stripper Tip, but a Daily Whipping that’s easy and FUN to do – and will take a ton of the pressure off around the sales process.

(And be sure to listen in at around 1:15 to hear my parents’ secret fear about what I would grow up to do with my life. No, it wasn’t stripping. And yes, in hindsight it is rather hilarious.)

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Can you see now that selling doesn’t have to be scary? It CAN be downright glamorous.

So put on some CHANEL red lipstick & practice, practice, practice.

And then share it with a friend you know is struggling with sales.

Until next time. . .



P.S. Even if you’re pretty sure you’ve got the whole sales thing down, watch this video to see where ELSE you can use this handy trick in your business!



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