Are Your Benefits Showing? (3 Easy Ways To Make Sure They Are.)


I was on my way to Sak’s Fifth Avenue Off 5th and I noticed something that stopped me in my stilettos.

This is a before & after photo of a heavily-tattooed man (left) who has applied Dermablend makeup (right).

Yes, that’s the same dude. And yes, it’s legit.

Talk about an in-your-face (pun intended) benefit demonstration!


But Dermablend isn’t the only company doing a great job of before & after benefits.

Here’s 3 examples of products that I love with undeniable before & after benefits.


Before – I wasted hundreds & hundreds of dollars on ballet flats that, while cute, never fit my feet well—and I would spend more money buying padding to make them more comfortable.

After – I no longer have to spend time wondering if a certain ballet flat will fit my needs. Now that I’ve discovered Tieks I KNOW my tootsies will be treated right. I’ve saved tons of time, money & energy with one stop shopping.


Before – I’ve never had a pen that I’ve been totally in love with. And strange as it may sound, I’ve been on the hunt for one for years. Trying out every pen in gifts shops, Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, Target, you name it. All of them were just okay. And I’m not okay with just okay. I want the best of everything.

After – And then one day Jennifer Nesbit Holt gifted me magic. It’s sleek, elegant, fits into the smallest of handbags, comes in tons of colors and best of all I LOVE the way it writes.

Le Pen makes a great gift – and now all my friends are totally addicted too!



No! I’m not showing you me in my undies. That model of Erika is SOLD OUT! You’ll have to use your imagination…

Before – While you probably have an opinion on panty comfort – I was in fact a professional underwear wearer for 9 years.

So I know what’s comfy and what’s not. And let me tell you, a lot of thong undies are NOT comfy!

After – Since I discovered Hanky PankyI buy them 95% of time. Hanky Pankys are the sexy thong that feels like a good old comfy granny panty—now THAT’s a benefit.

Here’s a tip that will mint you money.

Your customers HATE making purchasing decisions.

Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Should I? Shouldn’t I?

And with the rare exception of the wild-eyed bargain hunter about to tackle you from the side for that last pair of Rachel Zoe Katia wedge on the clearance rack—MOST people want it to be easy.

Make it easy and show them the benefits.

Before & After.

Now, before you read this article you thought figuring out your product’s benefits was difficult & complicated.

Now, after you read this article you see that showing the benefits is EASY!

You’re welcome.





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