Oh No! This Woman is Kicking Your A$$

Oh yeah, you know her.

The one you’re always spying on.

Checking out her Twitter feed to see how many more people are following her today.

And then stomping your stiletto, “Wa! Wa! When’s it my turn to be popular?”

She’s the one who consumes your thoughts when you’re feeling lost and confused in your business, so you go to her website to see if you can ‘steal’ some ideas from her.

She’s the one who’s killin’ it, while you’re having a pity party.

Well guess what. She’s kicking your a$$ because she’s NOT… 

: Wasting her day to see where she is in the race.

: Looking at her competitor’s site for ideas – she’s making her own.

: Crying in the bathroom about her business because she’s too busy making her business happen.

She’s NOT better than you.

The reason she’s kicking your a$$ is that she’s doing the work while you are only talking about it and watching her every move.

There are those who run the race, and those who watch the race. Which one are you going to be today?

If you are going to be the watcher, fine. Then fully enjoy watching. Put on your sunscreen, wear a big hat & sunglasses. Park your lazy-boy on the sidelines and really really love watching her go.

On the other hand, if you are going to be the runner then run like hell.

Imagine what you can achieve – and how amazing you’ll feel doing it – when you are a running in your own business for 30 days.

How do you do that?

1. List out ONE project that you’ve been stalling on – sitting in the sidelines will do that to you – and for the next 30 days commit to taking action on it.

: Revamp your website.

: Write a chapter of your book.

: Create a pro-type.

2. Remind yourself WHY you want to achieve this.

: Your product is seriously missing from the marketplace.

: You have been dreaming about this – and you just might ‘murder yourself in your sleep if you don’t do it.’ (And yes, someone actually said that to me about her project.)

: The world NEEDS your service and you know it is your life’s purpose to deliver it.

3. Promise yourself you’ll only keep time on your OWN race.

: List the people who are ‘kicking your a$$’ and pinky swear on your success that you will NOT stalk them online for any reason whatsoever.

If someone mentions them, then rather than shriveling up into a pathetic lump do what Marianne Williamson does (and now me too). Spend 5 minutes sending them good happy thoughts and blessings for 30 days and at the end of the 30 days – according to Marianne, they’ll either change or you won’t care anymore.

: Post a photo of yourself on your wall and above it write something like, “I’m my ONLY competitor.”

Look at it EVERYDAY and know that YOU have the ability to succeed or not. Success is a choice.

Here’s mine.


: Read Think Like a Stripper p. 23.

I’ve got a whole Stripper Tip on how I handled competition working in a club (and if you think it’s tough avoiding all the chatter about your competitors in the business world, try working with 100+ of them in the same room. It was BRUTAL until I developed this secret method).

And that’s it!

That woman may be kicking your a$$ today, but 30 days from now she just may be wishing she could kiss YOURS.





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