Strap On Your Stilettos. Step Up Your Game. And Double Your Confidence In One Easy Step

Ding! Dong!

Ding! Dong!

(Oh sh*t, here she comes.)

The front door opened.

She stood there with a SUPER surprised look on her face.

I summoned my confidence.

“Hey Molly! Are you ready to get started?” I asked with a smile.

I walked in, plopped my white tote bag down on her immaculate hardwood floor, straightened out my white pantsuit, and parked my butt on her couch like I had done it 100 times already that day.

It was 2006, and I’d just started coaching. Molly (not her real name) was only my second client.

The truth is, until I showed up at her house that day Molly hadn’t committed to hiring me.

She’d scheduled an appointment to work with me, and I had sent her a discovery packet and—in true Erika fashion—a spa care package so that she could be properly supported in our new coaching relationship.

But she hadn’t confirmed her appointment and I hadn’t received her payment yet.

I knew she didn’t think I’d actually show up.

How could she know that I took my work VERY seriously?

Plus, I wanted clients, I wanted the experience and— most importantly—I knew how much I could help her.

I wasn’t going to let an opportunity to use my gifts (and build my business) slip away.

So when she opened the door that day, I walked in as if I had the job.

Molly and I ended up working together for 9 months.

This wasn’t the first time I’d done something like this. In fact, the following Stripper Tip came from (you guessed it) my days on the pole.

Lean in and listen to the story.

Stripper Tip #14: Walk In As If You Have the Job

After six years of being a stripper, I decided to up the ante for myself. I headed for Las Vegas.

The employment requirements for most of the stripping jobs I had in Seattle consisted of having a heartbeat, limbs and a willingness to get naked.

But the mega-clubs in Vegas are different. Many of them require dancers to audition.

Audition? Really?

I was slightly offended that, after all of my experience, I still had to prove my striptastic abilities like some wannabe showgirl.

But I wanted to work at the premiere club in Vegas, so I had little choice but to audition.

My ruffled ego needed some pampering, so I decided to treat the audition as a mere formality, just a tiny crack in the road over which my five-inch stiletto would easily step.

At 11:00 a.m., all dolled up, I walked in as if I had the job and informed the manager matter-of-factly that I was there to audition.

She gave me the once-over and told me to follow her. As we walked toward the dressing room, she gave me a quick tour of the club.

Everything was more or less strip club standard—except the stage.

I was used to dancing on small stages with poles and brass ballet bars. This was a true catwalk with nothing but floor, and lots of it.

My heart dropped. What would I do if I lost my footing and didn’t have a ballet bar or pole to catch me? I’d never fallen, but I’d always enjoyed the security that the poles and ballet bars provided.

I quickly put the thought of falling out of my head and rehearsed my mantra:

“I already have the job.”

I said it over and over again until the audition began.

Once I started my routine, I forgot about everything except the dance.

I was moving and grooving down the plank, impressing hundreds of imaginary customers and bending my body just right, when I noticed my clammy, nervous feet were starting to slip out of my stilettos.

Damn it! Furious at myself for having worn shoes with no heel strap, all I could do was grip my toes as tightly as possible to buy myself a few extra seconds.

No luck. I slid off my shoes and across the stage floor.

Instead of buckling, though, I revisited my mantra: I have the job! I have the job! I have the job!

I got my shoes back on and stayed on my feet to finish the dance.

Not only did the manager clap when I was done, she yelled out, “Hey, congratulations. Be here at 7:30 to fill out paperwork.”

I knew I had the job even before I auditioned, but it was nice to hear the confirmation. Fall and all!

The Strip-Down: If you don’t believe you can get the job, make the sale or win the contract, no one else will, either. 

If you’re confident BEFORE the sale, chances are you’ll follow through with the money-attracting charisma that makes people want to work with you.

And the key to being confident is being cool and collected—not cocky and desperate—even when things aren’t perfect.

Here’s another tip:

If you don’t get the job or make the sale, find out why. If the objection is worth addressing, that No is an opportunity to help your client make the decision to do business with you.

Sometimes they don’t have all the information; sometimes they aren’t clear on the benefits; sometimes they can’t see how your product or service can help them.

Tell them, so you can sell them!

Simply walk in as if you have the job—and don’t back down until your mission is complete.

Now don’t just read this stripper tip.

Think about how you can use it to double your business confidence TODAY.

(Yes — DOUBLE your business confidence. It’s that powerful.)

Is there a client you’d like to take on, a contract you’d like signed, or a partnership you’d like to see happen?

Walk in as if the deal is already done, and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.





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