Fire Yourself And Rehire The Next You

Erika Lyremark

I’ve had a long life and have done a lot of things (besides being a stripper).

Here’s a sampling.

: I was a kindergartener.

: I used to punch people if I didn’t get my way.

: I was the 6th grade field day champion – scoring THREE blue ribbons for the obstacle course, the relay race, and the 50-yard dash.

: I played 1st base in softball, and my nickname was The Homerun King. I was THAT good (and have the trophies to prove it).

But now?

I don’t take the bus to Mrs. Gabrielson’s class in the morning decked out in my blue corduroy culottes, rainbow turtleneck, and red and white striped knee highs (hey, I looked GREAT, Pippi Longstocking used to be my fashion icon),

nor do I …

Curl up my fists (I’ve learned to negotiate), sprint in red and white jogging shorts, or carry a softball glove like the latest accessory from Paris.


Because I’m NOT that girl anymore. Thank goodness. It would be out of alignment with who I am today.

And I wouldn’t be able to carry off those striped knee highs with quite the same panache.

(or could I. . . .)

(nope. I can’t)

I’m not the pre-teen sports queen I was back then, nor am I the college student/stripper of the 90s, the real-estate maven from 10 years ago, the business coach from 5 years ago, or even the entrepreneur I was six days ago.

6 days ago, I made a commitment to ‘inner quiet’ in 2014.

I’m CRAVING quiet.

Quiet to create.

Quiet to witness.

Quiet to explore.

Quiet to design.

Quiet to get out of the way and see how I can best serve my clients, my family, my friends, my pets and the planet.

So as of this writing – Thursday, January 29, 2014, my new labels are …

: Entrepreneur

: Author


: Artist

: Designer

: Creative

: Investor

: Innovator

: Thinker

: Elegant Hustler (Formerly Hustle Like I Need Crack Hustler)

And tomorrow I might have new labels.

Because I’m NOT the person I was yesterday.

I learn something new everyday. I have new experiences. I meet people who influence me. I change my perception. I look at things differently.

I have the ability to create the life I want, therefore I can label myself with any label I want.

Sooooo cool right? Not to mention superbly refreshing and fun!

If you’ve been wanting to change the concept of who you are, email your list, call your friends, send out announcement cards saying, “Please update your mental rolodex of me, because until further notice THIS is who I am …”

And while you’re reinventing who you are, I’ll be busy firing myself again & again.


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