Give Your Business A Couture Fitting

I don’t normally start conversations talking about the weather, but … it’s crazy cold & snowy here in MinneSNOWta. I’m ready for spring.

If I could pay someone to make it happen quicker I would!

So in the hopes of spring lurking just around the corner, I did what all sane people do.

I put my work aside and gave my closet a good spring cleaning – for the WHOLE afternoon.

As I was trying on some of the outfits I recently bought – okay, by recently, I mean yesterday – I started to feel guilty that some of the items I LOVED weren’t feeling right.

: The poncho type blue & white nautical themed top.

: The just above the ankle cuff jeans.

: The purple plaid fitted flannel button-up top.

I mean, less than 24 hours ago, I was imagining myself wowing the crowd in my new poncho and jeans while speaking at The Instigator Experience in LA in a few weeks, but now. . .

I was feeling guilty for buying clothes that weren’t going to suit me.

As much as I DO love nautical themed clothes (I grew up spending summers on a sailboat with my Dad) and plaid flannel (I was living in Seattle – grunge capital of the world – during the 1990’s and seriously love it), I just couldn’t picture getting a lot of use out of these clothes.

I wondered if I was being too hard on these clothes, and needed to give them another day or two to see if I still felt the same way …

And then I remembered a conversation I had with my friend Adeline where she said …


‘Your business should serve you.’ – Adeline Arjad



And while these clothes weren’t my business, shouldn’t they serve me too?

Of course they should!

So now?

I was looking at my calendar to see when I can get back to Off Saks 5th Avenue to return my purchases. Good-by, purple flannel, we had a nice fling. I hope you understand it’s not about you, it’s about me.

Ok, so let’s bring this back to business.

Think of your own business like your closet.

: Do you LOVE everything in there?

: Does everything fit you beautifully?

If there was a fire in your business – what things would you run back for?

: Are you going to dodge flames for your About Page?

: Form a bucket brigade to save your Opt-In?

: Climb a ladder to rescue your Offerings?

Fire analogy aside – it’s time to give your business a spring cleaning. 

Think of it as an episode of What Not To Wear, but for your business.

And if you need a permission slip to change, ditch, or revamp something in your business that doesn’t serve you, here it is.



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