Billy Idol And My Pajamas

Wax Version

“Erika, I PROMISE I’ll sing with you. It’ll be fun! Plus, it’s been a long time since you really got down on stage. Speaking at conferences isn’t the same as stripping.

We get to be in the spotlight, and really, Erika, NOBODY cares. I have a terrible voice too. And if you’re that bad, You’re actually doing them a favor, cuz you’ll make everyone else look better.”

So off Adeline and I went to Mickie Finnz, a karaoke bar in Redondo Beach.





See the evidence below. Of course, Adeline’s hair looks amazing. Always.

Bull Pen

Now I should tell you, I’m not usually this pliable. Nor do I run around looking like a reject from librarian school.

I prefer to be the wax version, glamour doll. See above photo!

But Adeline is the living definition of bon vivant.

And … she had just treated me to a 90-minute Chinese massage, popcorn shrimp, baked potatoes (xtra butter and sour-cream) and a bottle of cheap red wine, before she popped the question.

I said I would be open to new possibilities on my LA trip, so, I had to say YES!

First Melissa Cassera asked me to act in her TV Pilot. Could getting up on stage at a karaoke bar and singing IN PUBLIC be the next step in my evolution? I mean, what if part of the Universe’s plan for me is to be a rock star?

So, even though I was scared out of my wits – I took the challenge. Load up Rebel Yell, and let’s go.

I wish I could say it was a triumph, but I don’t think rock stardom is in the Universe’s master plan for me. I was only half way through the song when the host and MC of the bar started singing along with me to help me out.

And really, I don’t know how Billy Idol does it, because coordinating the lip curl and the fist pump with the lyrics is HARD.

Okay, Universe, what’s next?


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