15 Feelings That Create Resistance In Your Business

People often ask me how I create.

The short answer is: I pay attention to signs, clues and signals for where people continually get stuck in their businesses.

Then, I look for solutions.

: Have I had experience with overcoming that same obstacle?

: Can I find another company in the marketplace that has overcome that same obstacle?

: Is there a tool/trick that I’ve encountered that will help overcome that same obstacle?

And a few months ago, I read something from my new FAVORITE book I AM that will help you get unstuck.

Yes, I’m sharing it with you today.

If you take 10 minutes right now to do this exercise, you’ll have a HUGE breakthrough in your business. Seriously.

And if you bookmark this page, you’ll have a lifelong resource you can come back to every time you feel stuck in your business.

Now …

#1 Grab a pen and a blank piece of paper.

#2 Close your eyes and take 5 deep breathes.

#3 Open your eyes – keep breathing deeply (not so deeply that you sound like a prank or obscene phone-caller though) – and jot down the first thoughts that come to mind when I ask the following questions…

: Where are you currently stuck in your business?

: What do you really want to do in your business, but can’t figure out how to do it?

: Look deeper. Where do you continually get stuck in business?

#4 Look at your list and pick one item you really want an answer to – TODAY!

#5 Now with your one item in mind, read the following list below, on the 15 Feelings That Create Resistance, and think about how you might be blocking answers to your business challenge.

(The first half of this list is from the book I AM (p.259) about “the primary feelings that create resistance to receiving answers.” The second half contains the ones that yours truly created.)

Note. Please be gentle with yourself. Consider this: every answer you’ve unintentionally blocked has helped make you the awesome human being you are today.


 15 Feelings That Create Resistance


1. Fear of changing and losing a part of your identity.

2. Anxiety over who you will “have to be” now with this knowledge.

3. Guilt for believing something that runs counter to what you learned from those you have loved and trusted.

4. Pride in being “right,” which won’t allow you to admit that you have misunderstood reality and therefore might be “wrong.”

5. Shame about how this new information reflects on you.

6. Regret over not having understood earlier.

7. Anger at false rules you were previously operating under.

8. Embarrassment over past actions.

Again, the list above is from the book I AM (p.259).

And I’ve added…

9. Fear that it won’t be perfect – the very first time.

10. Fear that you won’t be able to figure it out – not knowing the ‘how.’

11. Fear that you won’t make the money you desire.

12. Fear that you are not enough.

13. Fear that you will never be as good as ‘so-and-so.’

*14. Fear that you don’t understand your own special gifts and that you’re not contributing in the right way.

15. Fear of what people will say if you speak your mind or show your true personality.

Wham. Bam. Thank you Howard Falco.


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*Thanks to Zsofi Koller for #14.



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