Eeek! My Dad Read Think Like A Stripper!

He told me,

“I cried. Really proud of you. Especially when you slapped the guy who called you ugly – (Stripper Tip #56 Tune Them Out, Tune You In) – and when you tossed a $100 bill into the candle. – (Stripper Tip #66 Don’t Dance For Difficult People).

You’re incredibly brave to write such a vulnerable book.”

And I AM!

And I STILL work – everyday – to be vulnerable. To be open. To share my ups & downs.

No one can learn from someone’s who’s perfect.

For example, I’m in LA this week for The Instigator Experience (where I’m talking about the importance of speaking your mind in business) and the truth is, I’m a nervous driver – especially when I’m in a new city and driving someone else’s Range Rover. Which feels like I’m hauling an 18 wheeler.

I made a wrong turn and then another wrong turn and somehow ended up in an In-N-Out Burger drive through-lane. Somehow.

I almost made the most of it and ordered a Double-Double Monster Style – cuz Chad told me I MUST have one.

But I figured eating a messy burger in the car and having hot cheese, grilled onions and secret sauce drip down my chest would have me feeling even more flustered.

Or turned on.

So I skipped it.

Le sigh.

LA is a tough town like that.

And business can be too.

Which is why it’s so important to do the things that scare you even though they leave you feeling flustered and anxious.

Because eventually, with enough practice – just like my LA driving is already wayyyy better than 3 days ago – you’ll be cruising in no time.


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