I Might Be Getting Naked Again…

And getting paid for it.

Here’s the scoop.

Melissa Cassera – PR Rockstar, Business Strategist, Actress, Guilty Pleasure Advocate – is writing a screenplay for a TV pilot.

A political thriller, based in the 1940’s with a paranormal twist.

I can’t WAIT to see it so I can say, “That’s my friend’s TV show!”

And she’s created one of the characters, Sylvia Cooke, based on my extraordinary ability to be liked AND get people to do what I want them to do.

(If you’ve ever heard my voice in your head telling you to make a bold move for your business, then you know what she’s talking about.)

I’ve learned to use my powers of persuasion for good, not evil.

But Sylvia Cooke is ALL evil.

Over organic brown rice, salted black beans, and creamy tofu sauce Melissa told me, “I’ve got my list of dream actors to play all the characters in this TV pilot except for Sylvia.

Every time I think of who I want to play her, I only picture you.

Would you … consider … playing Sylvia?”

“What?” I cried out, “I’m not an actress! Sure I’ve done LOTS of role-playing – and I’m really good at it – but I don’t think any of my performances would win me an Emmy.”

“But here’s the thing” Melissa piped in, “Sometimes people actually make better actors when they have no experience, because they aren’t attached to the outcome. You’d only need to carve out 3 months a year to do it. Plus, then we can hang in LA all the time.”

Hmmmmm. I started to imagine what my life might be like as an actress. Red carpets. Limos. Karl Lagerfeld FED-Exing me dresses and asking me to be his muse.

Why not? I PROMISED myself that during this work-cation in LA I would stay OPEN to all possibilities. And if the Universe wants me to be an actor, who am I to say it’s not possible?

In fact, that just might be downright rude. The last thing I want to do is insult the Universe’s intelligence.

So I responded, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if being on the big screen was my true calling in life?”

“That would be INSANE!” Melissa replied, “Oh, there’s one more thing…there will be love scenes and partial nudity.

But … since it’s based in the 1940’s you don’t need 6-pack abs. Women didn’t workout like they do now. And if you don’t have too much arm definition, that would be swell too.”

“Ok, I’m in!” I replied. “As long as Chad is cool with me having fake sex with fake boyfriends, I’ll do it!”

And because I’m married to the smartest, sweetest, sexiest man alive he, of course, said yes.

Now, we’ve spent enough time talking about me.

Let’s chat about you.

What if … you’re willing to experiment with your life.

What if you pretended you didn’t need money for anything, you were good – scratch that – effin’ awesome at everything, and you looked 100% gorgeous all the time, what would you be willing to do?

: Skydive while hosting a tele-summit?

: Buy a beachfront condo and rent out the units to all your friends?

: Call up the NY Times and insist that they feature your business on the front page?

Just how open to possibilities are you?

Keep me posted, hit me up at @dailywhip, and I promise to keep you in the loop about my journey as a Starlet-In-Training (and invite you to the premier).

OMG! What am I going to wear?


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