Contribution = Cash (*Doesn’t Involve Complex Math Equations.)

A few weeks ago I asked one of my clients this:

ME: So where do you need to get better at asking for help?

CASSANDRA: I never ask my fiance to help me with anything. I’m quitting my full-time job in May and I’m scared I’ll struggle financially, so I’ll ask him if he’d be willing to help me out if I have a slow month.

Now you’d think I’d give Cassandra kudos for asking for help.


You see, Cassandra is smart, capable, and motivated.

She also has a PhD and had worked on multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for major corporations.

Here’s what I said instead…

ME: The ONLY reason you’ll have a slow month is if you stop being of service to your clients, to your potential clients, and to the world.

Pretty bossy!

But I feel SOOOO strongly about this.

And it’s not just Cassandra who is smart, capable, and motivated – you are too.

Red-hot money-making tip: CONTRIBUTION = CASH

Sorry this tip isn’t more magical – but it WORKS.

And here are 3 ideas to get started.

#1 Introduce 2 of your customers whom you think MUST meet.

But before you do this, read the following very carefully.

: Think about why these 2 people MUST meet. Do they have a common interest? Do they work in the same industry? Could one of them help the other one out?

: Then email each of them separately and say something like this, “I want to introduce you to one of my customers because _________. May I make the introduction?”

This way, it’s not a surprise for either of them.

Think of it as match-making – the romantic kind. You wouldn’t set up your best-friend with a guy you know without asking her and him if that’d be okay first.

#2 Start a mini-social media campaign for them.

: Fire up some pre-written tweets promoting their products and services. Then load ‘em up on Hootsuite. Bang! Your customers will be impressed as hell.

: Extra tip. Create a secret customer Twitter list. Check it once a day and re-tweet and favorite their tweets.

#3 Send your customers a love note with 3 ideas for them.

: Email. Snail mail. Voicemail. Whatever works.

Example. If you’re a jewelry designer, you can …

: Give your clients some quick tips on keeping stones sparkly and tarnish at bay.

: Show them how to style your products for any occasion. Need clean and classic? Bohemian chic? Runway pizzaz? You’ve got them covered.

: Set up a Pinterest board showing them how, and to get them inspired.

: Have they got jewelry (not yours, of course!) in need of a simple repair?

Give them a mini step-by-step to tighten up a loose jump ring, and save them a trip to the jewelers – who just might take a week to make the same repair and charge them $15 for the trouble.

Being a contribution to your customers will cause them to fall in love with you all over again & again.

Remember – when you think of your customers and clients as your cherished friends, it’s easy to treat them like royalty. And they won’t forget it!

Next time they – or their friends – need a necklace, a web designer, or a nutrition coach, you’ll be at the top of their list.


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