HAUTE BUSINESS: The Diamonds Are In The Details

Details can make – and BREAK – your business.

Think about it. How much do you want to work with a person who…

: Spells your name wrong over and over? (One Erica is reasonable, but it better be ERIKA next time!)

: Looks like they used dirty hands to throw your product into a crumpled shipping envelope?

: Doesn’t answer your emails as pronto as they promised?

: Has a website where every page seems like a different designer took a crack at it?

: Has a blog where the last entry is ‘Hello World’ from two years ago?

Now think of Tiffany & Co. Not just because of the diamonds, but because they have the details down.

The perfect blue box.

The perfect white ribbon.

Your perfect jewel nestled inside.

However you feel about Tiffany’s, or diamonds, you trust them – even if you NEVER buy from them, or set foot in one of their stores.

People notice the details. Even if they don’t know that they are noticing – they instinctively get it. 

So give your details the diamond treatment.


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