INSIDE LOOK: Lynn Tilton On Being A Billionaire

Are you afraid you won’t be taken seriously if your customers knew . . .

: About your less than conventional career path?

: That you used to live on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ or maybe even still do?

: That you LOVE your drawer full of purple underwear with naughty sayings on the tush?

It’s not always easy to stand tall – no matter how how high your stilettos are stacked – and be who you are – especially if you don’t fit into a standard mold.

But really, that’s most of us.

: My dad could afford a new Tom Ford suit for every week of the year. Instead? He prides himself on his latest $3 buck shirt from the Goodwill.

: Besides my stripper past, I can barely run a fax machine. There’s a big note on it that says, ‘Put the paper FACE UP!’ on it.

: One of my best friends never finished high-school and has owned 8 successful businesses.

3 thriving entrepreneurs. All unconventional and absolutely unafraid to be themselves.

Which leads me to business magnate: Lynn Tilton, the CEO of Patriarch Partners – an institution that finances the turnaround of distressed American companies restructuring them to stand on their own feet and make a profit.

Ms. Tilton is worth about 8 billion dollars.

And you know what people talk about?

Her hair. Her clothes. Her cleavage. Her attitude.

Yes, Lynn Tilton is over the top by anyone’s standards.

But does she tone herself down?

Not in the least. She’s proud of who she is and what she’s creating, and certainly doesn’t see the need to pretend to be anything or anyone else.

And for the people she helps, she can do no wrong.

So the next time you’re afraid you won’t be taken seriously, remember Lynn Tilton and her 8 BILLION dollars.


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