Zen Negotiation (Put Some OM In The Game.)

You’re ready to NEGOTIATE.

You’ve written down everything you want to say.

You’ve practiced it in the mirror.

And you’ve role-played it out with your best friend.

You’re confident. READY to kill it!

But … when the time comes to ‘demand’ your asking price?

You cave. You crumble. You feel sleazy. And then run screaming like a little girl being chased by a ravenous mammoth tarantula.

Oh yes. I’ve done it too.

Until I came up with one strategy that has helped me close hundreds of deals worth millions of dollars without losing my center.

It’s called Zen Negotiation.

But first let me explain that in Zen Negotiation there are no …

: Making demands like a demoralizing dictator.

: Being as inflexible as the pole I once performed the splits on as a stripper.

: Stomping out of meetings in a huff if you don’t get what you want.

(Besides those don’t work anyway. I know this because I’ve tried ALL those tricks; like the time I hit a guy over the head with my purple velvet purse because he wouldn’t buy a lap dance from me. Ruthless.)

Instead, Zen Negotiation is about ONE thing.




Sales happen effortlessly when you…


: Place your feet firmly on the ground.

: Take five slow, deep breaths in & out.


: You have for your business.

: You have for your customers.

: You have for your product or service.

Imaging that you’re truly the LUCKIEST woman in the world & the person on the other end is your BIGGEST fan who’s DYING to buy your product or service. (It’s even on her vision board? She’s been manifesting YOU!)


Remember that your potential customer is your biggest fan. But if she gets a whiff of desperation or force, she’ll remove you from her vision board and replace you with someone who can keep her cool.

Whether she says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ doesn’t matter.

Yes, I know it matters – but this is one of those zen things. ACT as if it doesn’t matter.

Here’s a trick to help you out.

The best way to get unattached QUICKLY is to think of something really really funny – someone slipping on a banana peel. Your younger brother throwing up on the dining room table after he warned your mom not to make him eat spinach. The time you wore your yoga pants inside out all day long.


State your price. Take a deep breath. Remember that your potential customer already loves what you have to offer. And be QUIET. Wait for her to respond while you think of a puppy doing push-ups.

Trust me. It works. So do it.


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