Deserve & Destruct

When you feel sorry for yourself, how often do you think …

: I DESERVE to watch TV all day – close the blinds, turn off the phone & fire up Game of Thrones on Netflix.

: I DESERVE to eat cookies – damn, all out. Throw on a hat. Drive to the store. Scarf goodies down before leaving the parking lot.

: I DESERVE to do tequila shots – darn it. It’s only 2:30 pm. Oh well. The day’s lost anyway.

You use DESERVE when you want to self-destruct.

What about if you did this instead – use DESERVE to propel your success.

: I DESERVE to be featured in the Huffington post – brainstorm all the people I already know who’ve been featured. Email them. Ask them how they did it. Ask them for an introduction.

: I DESERVE to be a TED Speaker – no time to wait for the TED people to take notice. Video tape my own TED style talk. Post on YouTube. Make a list of influential people I want to watch it. Email them with ONE reason – specific to them – they should watch it.

: I DESERVE to meet my cash goals this month – whip up a beautiful digital invitation – Red Stamp/Paperless Post – and personally invite people you think will dig your product or service to purchase it.

See the difference in these two approaches to DESERVING?

Use DESERVE to build your DYNASTY – not to self-destruct.


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