One Smart Cupcake (More Delicious Than Cash.)

So you may remember that I was in LA last month speaking at the Instigator Experience, and I was staying with my friend, the amazing Adeline Arjad, CEO of CHOCbite, and gal on the go.

And when I say on the go, it’s not a metaphor.

Being with Adeline means I was constantly running somewhere with her. Dinner, friends, karaoke, even the Beverly Hills AT&T store.

And that’s when I saw it.

We were sprinting down S. Santa Monica Boulevard – in heels! – so that Adeline could update her phone while we were parked in a 20-minute zone, when I spotted what looked like a bank machine painted frosting pink.

“What’s that?” I yelled to Adeline.

“Oh, that?” she called back as she plunged into the store, “That’s just the Cupcake ATM.”

Whoa. Wait. What?

Cupcake ATM? Once I saw that Adeline didn’t need a wingwoman in the AT&T store, I went back to investigate.

Painted in yummy pastels, featuring a touchscreen and a card swipe, this upscale cupcake delivery system was a dream come true – and of course I had to have one.

In went my card, and out of a miniature pink revolving door came my selection, beautifully packaged in a small box. I imagined the delivery being done by a shiny Jetsons style robot, complete with frilly apron.

(Or maybe a handsome out of work actor.)

Inside was my cupcake, perfectly presented, with all the frosting where it belonged – on the cupcake, not the lid of the box.

In fact, the icing was cleverly designed with a flat top and a spiffy little decoration so there was no chance of a frosting fail inside the box. Remember my post on details? This is a GREAT example!

The whole Cupcake ATM is the invention of Candace Nelson, the baker, owner, and visionary behind Sprinkles, an upscale pastry shop, first located in Santa Monica.

The Cupcake ATM was Candace’s smart idea to both deliver a sweet treat after closing time, as well as selling perishable goods – no ‘day old’ sales at Sprinkles. Everything fresh and tasty. All the time.

It’s an incredibly inspired solution to every baker’s problem – fresh goods around the clock, and no wasted product. And it’s so forehead slappingly simple, it’s surprising no one else had thought of it.

And here’s the big secret to being a successful entrepreneur: Even if someone else HAD thought of a Cupcake ATM (and I’m sure someone did), Candace is the one who acted on it.

The Cupcake ATM is so now so popular, there are now 15 locations across the country, with more on the way, plus a satellite in Japan. Sugoi!

It got me thinking. What would I want to sell in an ATM? And the answer is obvious. 5-Minute Glamorous Business Guidance, of course! Quick, efficient, and effective – even at 1 am!

And if YOU were an ATM, what would you want to deliver?





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