Getting Stalked. Fancy Lady Style.

Maybe you’ll think I’m paranoid,

but I think Sephora might be stalking me.

They sent me an email with this image in it:


When I opened it I just thought – “Oooh, pretty! What a beautiful display.” and went on to cruise through some other emails.

A minute later, it hit me.

That beautiful display? HOLY CRAP. That was all stuff I just bought.

Like a week ago.

Cue the official freak-out.

It was weird.

Even though I’m in their rewards program, it felt invasive – because I had purchased these products IN the store. NOT online.

But the more I thought about it, I realized 2 things…

1. It was the future of marketing.

Sephora created a Pinterest board from my recent purchases, where I can rate my items, write reviews, or just look at all my pretty products. They put it together automagically, and sent it along in an email.

It’s sleek and chic – just how I like it. And I don’t have to do a single thing except admire my choices and PIN my favorites.

It’s another opportunity to share products that I freakin’ love.

Why wouldn’t I want YOU to know about Marc Jacob’s new beauty line? Wickedly gorgeous. With makeup brushes so sleek & sexy you might consider having sex with them.

Hey, don’t knock how I feel until you’ve gripped The Face 1 brush in your hand. You’ll think it too.

2. They’ve turned a basic rewards program into a VIP treatment.

Sephora is making it super simple to shop, use their products, and win special goodies.

No codes to enter, passwords to remember, no flaming hoops to jump through. They do all the work. They calculate my points for me, and let me know when I’ve scored free products.

I can even choose my bonus product right from the email – WITHOUT having to go back to the Sephora site.

How simple is that?

(And for me that’s awesome! I never cash in on rewards programs – I don’t want to remember one more thing.

I’m not even a member at the natural foods co-op that I’ve been shopping at for 12 years!)

Sephora is utilizing one of the biggest secrets of selling products and services.

MAKE IT EASY. Easy to shop. Easy to love. Easy to share.

And you don’t have to be a mega corporation to do the same thing.

Just think of your business as a special spa day for your customers. Someplace they can’t wait to go visit.

Now study everyplace that your customer interacts with your business – everything from signing up for your list, to just moving between pages on your website.

Ask yourself. . .

: Is it easy to use?

: Does it function smoothly?

: Is there something that can be streamlined to make it easier for the customer to shop? To love? To share?

If it feels like your customer is stumbling through the Winchester Mystery House, with a bunch of useless staircases ending up nowhere – you may have a bit of work to do.

In the meantime, your new mantra is ‘make it simple, sexy.’

M.I.S.S. for short.


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