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Testimonials Made Easy (How To Elegantly Ask Your Customers To Write A Testimonial Or Product Review)


Testimonials & product reviews are an essential element to the sales process.

And something that a lot of my clients don’t do on a regular basis.

Why? Because it can be SCARY to ask your customers to help you.

And since asking for help is my speciality, using my own signature service, MARK’D Mastery – a high-level, high-touch business accelerator & mastermind – I created an email template you can swipe.



SUBJECT: Would you be willing to do this for me?


BIG favor to ask.

Would you be willing to write a testimonial for MARK’D Mastery?

In turn – besides being forever grateful – I’ll showcase your MARK’D wins with pride and post it on my site – and possibly on social media channels.

If this is a HECK YES, keep reading.

If this is a ‘I’d rather clip my dog’s toenails than write up a testimonial’ then delete this email. We shall never speak of it again. And I promise to still love you!


Ok, cool you’re still here.

Now, I’m about to make writing your MARK’D Mastery testimonial SUPER easy. And you’re welcome to use this testimonial template for your own business too. It’s THAT good.



Simply state what your life was like before & after MARK’D Mastery.

Are you afraid to take risks in your business? So was I, until I joined MARK’D.

Before working with Erika Lyremark, I had a 9 to 5 job writing marketing copy about novelty fabrics. A year later, I am doing in depth research and writing articles on stolen art, and being taken seriously in my field.



Simply state what surprised you the most about MARK’D Mastery.

I knew that working with Erika Lyremark would help me focus on my true talents in my field, but I never thought I would have the confidence to put a premium price on my services. I even doubled my fees for my current clients and they accepted the price hike without an argument!



Simply state the results you’ve gotten from MARK’D Mastery.

MARK’D Mastery changed the way I do business forever.

Since working with Erika Lyremark, I’ve stopped thinking that I need a ‘day-job’ to see me through, and I’ve gone from a single client to a full docket – and all without a sales page, a FB page, and minimal social media.



Simply answer the following questions.

Tell me about your business.

I create bespoke ethical gifts called Healing Boxes. And offer psycho-spiritual coaching & teachings for those who want to heal, live well during life crisis, or build a business when living with limits.

What are you working on in MARK’D?

  • Supporting my community – and my health – by designing and implementing strong business systems.
  • Polishing and releasing the exciting book(s) I’ve been working on.
  • Dedicating time and focus to Healing Boxes to get them stocked in shops and hospitals worldwide and being the ultimate ethical gift for yourself or a loved one who is hurting.

Why do you love getting MARK’D?

MARK’D is packed with an amazing combination of business brilliance and spiritual wisdom. I love how swiftly I experience the Divine responding to my focus & intentionality. Exactly what I’ve been seeking shows up – in my life, my inbox, and my world!

Why should someone get MARK’D?

If you’re ready to dig in and build the world you wish to live in, then MARK’D is for you. It’s as simple and as powerful as that.

Why is MARK’D different from other programs & masterminds?

Erika provides a spiritual and psychological deep dive through the medium of business. Business is the lens, the vehicle and the pragmatic touchstone that keeps us moving forward. I’ve only ever experienced this in MARK’D. And I adore it.

How has MARK’D influenced your personal life?

I’ve shifted from wasting time on the Internet to only using it with focus and intention.

I check my email twice a day, and only go online when there’s a specific task to complete. I’ve recovered so much time & energy that I now have time to indulge in painting, playing my harp, meditating, resting and writing.



My once I receive your testimonial, it will be edited so it shines bright.

(If that makes you feel weird, know that EVERYTHING I write gets edited and polished before it goes out the door.)



Please include:

#1 The name of your business

#2 ‘Job title’

#3  Website

#4 Photo of YOU



If you could get this to me by INSERT DATE that would be swell.

(Remember, your testimonial doesn’t need to be ‘perfect,’ because my team will make it perfect for you :)

Sound good?




P.S. When you write your testimonial, be sure to follow the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.



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