[TOUGH] LOVE NOTE For When You Feel Like Giving Up

Did you wake up this morning wanting to give up?


Yes. I said cool!

Cuz now you’ll REALLY read what I wrote.

I LOVE a captive audience.

Don’t you?

Ok. Give me a second while I climb atop my soapbox.

Ready. Set. Go!

It took 20 years for Robin Thicke to have a best-selling song.

You know it – Blurred Lines – you might be humming it right now.

5 millions copies sold in 22 weeks.

What if he had given up at 19 years and 11 months?

It took Steven Pressfield 13 years to get published, after writing 4 novels and 6 screenplays that nobody wanted.

Now? He has 18 published books and 4 screenplays and he’s been featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

His books The War of Art and Do The Work are the dog-eared favorites of creatives everywhere – including me.

What if he had given up at 12 years and 11 months?

It took James Dyson 127 prototypes PLUS building his own factory, to create the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the world.

Now? James Dyson is one of the richest men in England. His vacuum cleaners, fans, and hand dryers have become the industry standards of excellence.

What if he had given up at 126 prototypes?

Julia Child didn’t learn how to cook until well into her 30’s.

She failed her first year at Le Cordon Bleu.

What if she had given up after that first burnt roast?

Robert Herjavec was working out of his basement and ready to sell his tech company for $5 million dollars because he didn’t believe in himself.

Instead he upped his faith in himself and one year later he sold it for $120 million dollars.

What if he had sold his company for $5 million dollars? Who would be on Shark Tank instead of him?

EVERY successful entrepreneur goes head-to-head with fear, doubt, and insecurity.

They are no different from you.

They simply persevered.

Don’t give up today.

Don’t give up tomorrow.

Because you’ve got this.


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