When I’m Not Around To Whip Your Business – Here’s How To Get FREE Expert Help 24/7

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I’m known for asking questions – and for getting to the truth. Quickly!

It’s one of the biggest reason people work with me. I’m brilliant at crafting questions that help you succeed at the highest level.

It’s what I do.

You don’t HAVE to call me the Queen of Questions, but if you DO, I’m not going to stop you.

But what if you don’t have me around to ask you the IMPORTANT questions that dig deep into your psyche and pull out the perfect answers ?

What now?

Just a few days ago, a woman I know sent me an email. She’s written an ebook that I’ve seen and like, but it isn’t doing as well as she hoped.

What am I missing? she asked, Am I being too impatient, or is something off with my sales and marketing? Are my expectations too high, or is something wrong with the product itself?

Now, my LBD program is sooooo popular, I’m not even offering private coaching at this time – but I still wanted to help her, and you too.

So here’s what I told her.


Or in her case – ask your ebook those questions you just asked me.

The first thought that pops into your head is the right answer.

Before you think this is too woo woo for you, let me tell you:

I do this ALL THE TIME. And I’m an EXTREMELY practical woman.

(I’d rather eat laundry lint than waste time. Woo woo WORKS!)

So asking your business what it wants is no joke.

In fact, awhile back I asked my book, Think Like A Stripper, what it wanted me to do with it. And you know what it said?


Shocked at the response I got, I exclaimed, “Seriously? For realz?”

“For REALZ Erika,” I heard back.

And then I thought about it…and indeed I was pestering the crap out of my book!

: Always over at Amazon checking my stats.

: Obsessing over various chapters wondering if I could turn them into something new.

: Brooding over whether I should write a follow up.

: Wondering what I’ll wear when Think Like a Stripper is made into a TV show – starring Salma Hayek as the current version of me and Selena Gomez as the younger version of me.

(Yes, I know I’m not Latina, but as long as I’m imagining, I might as well make it interesting for myself.)

You get the idea. I was harassing my own book, and it was sick of me.

And once I saw what I was doing – I don’t blame it one bit.

So I stepped back.

And you know what happened?

Not only is my book doing just fine on Amazon without my ‘help’, but over the course of just a few weeks, I got a brand new idea that’s positively GENIUS.

The next evolution of my book.

It’s perfect. And strictly hush hush right now, but when you see it, you are going to LOVE it.

But I never would have been able to see it if I hadn’t asked my book for the straight poop.

And what about our lovely lady with the ebook? I emailed her to ask what had happened, and this was her reply:

It said that my plans for the book are not the same as the book’s plans for itself. That it’s my job to do what’s in front of me, do the work I’m guided towards and not try and be ‘clever’ about the book promotion.

We’ve sold some more copies and I am being present and feeling grateful (esp.for amazing friends like you).

I LOVE it!

So if you are stuck, do it. OPEN YOUR HEART & MIND AND THEN …

: Ask your product

: Ask your service

: Ask your business

 . . . what it needs from you NOW.

Don’t forget to LISTEN, then ACT on the FIRST thing it says to you.


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