Productivity & Pygmy Goats: How To CONCENTRATE Your Power

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up in the morning and say to yourself – “This is it! Today’s the day I finally edit my new e-product and get it online.”

You’re crazy charged up to get started, sit down at your desk, crack your knuckles and . . . decide to check your email.

And Facebook.

Then Twitter.

Then Instagram.

Oh, wait, you might have more email since you last checked . . .

And suddenly it’s 6:00 PM and somehow you’re watching a YouTube video of pygmy goats.

“One reason so few of us achieve what
we truly want is that 
we never direct our
we never concentrate our power.”

– Anthony Robbins

It’s easy to get distracted.

For me, it was when I got a Bose hands-free headset for my iPhone. Oh my god, can you say life changing?

Now I could power chat with my friends while multi-tasking things that didn’t require brain power.

: Fluffing pillows.

: Doing laundry.

: Arranging my shoes.

Sooooo productive, right?

Ummmm. Not really.

Because those power chats I THOUGHT I was having were turning into 2-hour conversations about the latest episode of Shark Tank, how much spirulina was going into our green smoothies, what our next 6 blog posts were going to be about, and the comparative virtues of Mac lipgloss vs. Chanel lipgloss.

Fun, definitely.

Productive? Not so much.

Not only did I drive my phone to beg for a battery recharge, I was distracting myself from the real things I needed to be doing in my business.

I had to be willing to admit that one of my favorite things – talking on the phone – was halting my productivity. Boo.

So I started limiting those calls to 20 minutes.

Yes, I actually had to set a timer at first.

And the funny thing?

My friends were so relieved when I let them know my new plan, because they were all feeling the same way!

So last week when I was catching up on Fast Company’s December 2013 issue, I was struck by a piece on Alexa Von Tobel, personal finance expert, entrepreneur, CEO of LearnVest, on the Forbes “Women to Watch” short list, and Entrepreneur’s “30 under 30” list.

In the article she talks about working to create systems for herself that remove small decisions from her life. Including eating the same thing every day.

And while some people might freak out without variety in their diets, I understood why Alexa did it. I do the same thing.

Food can be a distraction.

So every day I have nearly the same thing to eat:

: Green smoothie for breakfast

: Wild rice, beans and veggies for lunch

: Whatever Chad cooks for dinner

That way, I remove a distraction that would get in the way of my business. Just like Alexa Von Tobel. And just like my Bose hands-free headset.

Productive people identify the weak link and then eliminate it.

So whether it’s …

: Plucking your eyebrows

: Obsessively cleaning out your inbox

: Wondering what you’re going to have for lunch

: Working in the evening when you know you work best in the morning,

or me and my Bose hands-free headset – EVERYONE has a distraction.

And while you’re watching pygmy goats on YouTube and admiring your perfect brows, some other entrepreneur is putting out an amazing offering, attracting new customers, and making the jump from six to seven figures.

That could have been you.

It still can be you – once you IDENTIFY YOUR WEAK LINK.


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