Curiosity Culled The Cash (And 1 Question You Need To Ask If You Want More … Cash)

This elegant hustling tip is from my big sister, Monika.

(Yes. Our names rhyme. My parents thought that would be clever, until they could NEVER get our names right. A few years ago, we decided to create a joint name – just like Brangelina. We are now known as M-O-R-I-K-A.)

Ok, now that you know who tip’s from, here’s one more back story you need to know.

Our family-owned commercial real estate company has warehouse spaces & most of our tenants are very industrial type businesses – lots of dumpsters, barrels, tractor trailers, etc.

(Super glamorous I know.)

So sometimes it can get messy outside, and we need to ‘lay down the law.’

When I was in charge, I would put a note on the door, or call them and let the tenant know ‘THAT OUTSIDE STORAGE NEEDED TO BE BE NEAT & ORDERLY AT ALL TIMES.’

I hated doing this – and yelling rarely netted results – I just couldn’t figure out a better approach.

Sooooo … when I was chatting with Monika a few weeks ago, she clued me in about a new approach to the disorderly outside storage situation that was working EXTREMELY well.

I was DYING to hear it. I’m always up for a communication tip. Aren’t you?

Instead of the usual straightforward approach when talking to a tenant who had ‘crossed the lines’ on outside storage, she said this instead.

“Hey, I noticed that you have more outside storage than normal. Can you tell me about that?”

Can you see the brilliance in that? Monika came from a place of curiosity – instead of confrontation.

And the result?

The tenant rented MORE inside space (turns out he was simply running out of space.)

Ding! Ding!

Win-Win for EVERYONE.

Her question culled more cash.

So the next time a client, customer, employee, or even your best friend pisses you off, get curious and ask them …

“Hey, I noticed that you_________________. Can you tell me about that?”

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