Power. Control & The Makeup Brushes You MUST HAVE In Your Beauty Tool Kit

Ready to follow me down a very specific rabbit hole?

I’m obsessed with my new Marc Jacobs make-up brushes.

I want to marry them.

I want to make out with them.

I can’t wait for Chad to leave the house so I can hang out with them.

I’m the kind of gal who spends her fair share of time at the make-up counter. The drama! The sparkles! The nifty little cases designed to fit in a pocket or purse.

The makeup industry is all about great design and seasonal allure. Otherwise you’d just get Chapstick at the drugstore, right?

Which means when I get an email from Marc Jacobs Beauty, I read it from top to bottom. Including the fine print (yes, I’m weird like that).

And in the fine print I saw that Marc Jacobs Beauty is part of Kendo Holdings, Inc.

A little spark went off in my head, and after a quick Google search I found that Kendo Holdings is a division of Sephora. My personal beauty Mecca! Of course the brushes were going to be amazing!

But once I started down the rabbit hole, I couldn’t stop.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is OWNED by Sephora.

Which is OWNED by the LVMH corporation.

Which also OWNS every luxury brand from Dom Perignon to Guerlain to Fendi to Louis Vuitton.

And my conclusion after all this?

Well, aside from wanting a glass of Champagne, this says to me that either Marc had a great idea for beauty products and reached out to Sephora or the parent company, or the parent company reached out to him because they knew he could make a great product.

Which is very smart – whoever had the idea first and whoever followed through.

I mean, these makeup brushes are fabulous – also check out the Highliner – Gel Crayon. WORTH the $25.00. Stays on ALL day.

But this isn’t just about me drooling over my makeup brushes, this is about good business.

You can ask for help. And you can accept help. From someone who is in a position to help you. Marc Jacobs does, so can you.

Okay, back to the brushes.

It’s clear to me that Marc didn’t just license his name to Sephora, then go off on a cruise to Tahiti.

These brushes are meticulously well-made, just like everything else Marc makes.

Even if he isn’t actually carving the handles himself, he obviously knew what he wanted out of the brushes, oversaw their design, and put his stamp of approval on the final product.

Which is also good business.

Marc may have accepted help for his beauty venture, but he did not give up control of his business. It has his name on it, and everything about this beauty line SCREAMS Marc Jacobs.

So what does this all have to do with you?

Pretty much everything, and here’s the blow by blow.

Marc Jacobs is a designer, not a money guy. And in fashion if there’s one thing you need, it’s money.

Marc knew he wasn’t going to be able to work at top capacity if he was constantly worried about the money stuff – so he formed a partnership with a money guy, Robert Duffy, while they were still both in their early 20’s.

Marc exercised power by giving up control of the money to the very best person for the job. He maintained control by making sure that his vision for Marc Jacobs International was not only clear to Duffy, but would never be compromised.

Marc chose well. After 30 years in business Marc worked as a designer and creative director for Louis Vuitton, Coty, and Diet Coke, while independently producing collections, accessories, and beauty products under his own name. And Duffy is still his money guy.

But the important thing for you is to realize that …

Personal power can come from giving up control.

You can let go of the things you aren’t good at, and let someone who IS good at it take over. It’s very, very smart business.

It’s only bad business when accepting help waters down your vision.

I see this a lot.

Soooo many smart, talented women looking for help focusing their business vision, who end up absorbing the words of the latest guru to the point where they have no idea where the guru stops and the fancy lady begins.

That’s giving up your power. And it’s behind every lackluster copy-cat business out there.

So if you’ve got people around you in your business who don’t respect your vision, it may be time to clean house.

After all, it is YOUR house.


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