There Are No Obstacles, Only Pool Boys

You want success. And you want it NOW.




When’s it MY turn?

Where’s MY Champagne?

Where’s MY private jet?

Where’s MY TV guest appearance?


Thanks for being so helpful, interior dialog.

Okay, let me make one thing clear – Champagne, TV appearances, and private jets are amazing, achievable goals.

And since I WANT you to get your lobster, I made you a video – to help you get it faster.

Watch it, and I’ll meet you on the other side. Oh yes – and this is where the pool boys come in.

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Now. Grab a pen and paper and jot down a recurring – and probably totally annoying -obstacle.

It could be anything. . .

: Do you keep going over-budget on your projects?

: Do you have a hard time connecting with prospective customers?

: Are your customers failing to pay, or turn up on time?

: Do you start out with great ideas, and then give up because they seems too complicated?

Got it? Good – here comes the fun part!

Now you get to brainstorm, and we’re going to make it super easy to start.

All you have to do is complete this statement. AND DON’T OVERTHINK IT.

I’m having a problem with ___________ because I ____________, so I’m going to __________ instead.

You can even write this sentence over and over again while you come up with a bunch of possible solutions.


I’m having a problem running out of money for my projects because I always start them without thinking them through, so I’m going to map out a real budget instead.

I’m having a problem getting my customers to pay, because I haven’t created a clear payment policy, so I’m going to write one, and post it on my site instead.

I’m having a problem connecting with prospective customers because I don’t invite them to get in touch with me to talk about my program/product, so I’m going to add a few lines to my copy so I sound friendly and easy to talk to instead.

Your pool buys might just be only one action step away. And Champagne too. 


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