L.A.M.B. // Love. Art. Money. Baby. (What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Business.)

Do you know what love really feels like?

After the first flirt. After the first passion. After you realize the object of your desire isn’t perfect.

What does love look like then?

(You know I’m talking about your business, right?)

The day you wake up and think this isn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be and suddenly your mind starts racing with all kinds of ideas on what you could do instead.

Each one seems more fabulous, fun, and lucrative than the one before.

And they ALL seem infinitely more desirable than whatever it is you’re doing now.


Your fear of commitment is showing.

It’s a problem for a lot of creative, passionate people. You start merrily down the path, hand in hand with your pretty new business, and it’s all fine – until…

(cue the dramatic music)

…you start running up against obstacles.

Those obstacles could be anything, for instance…

: You don’t feel like blogging about your business.

: Creating that new offering you were excited about yesterday feels like a HUGE chore.

: Someone makes a complaint about your products and your confidence suddenly collapses.

So what do you do?

Okay, while you think about that, I’m going to introduce you to my new OBSESSION: Kirsty Mitchell Photography.

Who is this genius who makes me sob over visual ecstasy?

Kirsty trained as a fashion designer including a stint with Alexander McQueen, whom she credits her desire to create fantasy worlds, but the really interesting thing is that she had NO background as a photographer.

None. Nothing. Nadda.

She started out with a point and shoot camera, just like the rest of us.

A little over 5 years later, she’s Nikon UK’s Ambassador of Fine Art Photography, been featured in Vogue Italia, and has collaborated with FX Media to create a series of behind the scenes films of her photo shoots.

Kirsty designs EVERY detail in these photos – down to the last leaf.

: She sews the costumes.

: She designs the props.

: She builds the sets.

: She scouts her locations.

: She directs her own shoots.

: She’s often up at ridiculous hours hand-placing every teeny, tiny petal.

And even though Kirsty’s pretty much a one woman show – she does pull together a small team for her shoots – she embodies each photo. Every detail has passed through her hands.

Frequently stressed, worried, and freaked out that the shoots won’t go well, Kirsty’s done it. For 5 years, and 76 back-breaking photo shoots.

She’s in LOVE.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that she loved every part of the process.

And if you read her accompanying diary it wasn’t all frolicing around with flowers and making beautiful images.

There were a lot of tough, tough times.

But instead of putting down the camera, or giving up, Kirsty worked through the difficulties, and came out the other side with a body of work many can only dream of.

So while it’s easy to be in love with the OUTCOME – to get there, we have to learn to love the process.

Even the stuff we’re not crazy about.

You want to know what I’m not crazy about? Get ready for the big reveal.


Let me rephrase that. I LOVE money. Love, love, love it.

But … I hate all the paperwork SURROUNDING money. Banking, bills, budgets, taxes.

Yet, loving my business (and money) means loving even paperwork.

So on my paper work days, I make it extra special.

: I treat myself to gorgeous office supplies.

: A Henri Bendel candle burning in the background.

: Bits of dark organic chocolate doled out after each task is done.

: A luxurious hot lavender bubblebath reward.

And a lot of gratitude for the money I’m making.

On these days, I make a conscious effort to slowwwww down. I turn off my phone. I stay off the Internet so I can really get into what I’m doing. The more I can get into it, the more I enjoy it.

So even though I’m not in love with banking, bills, budgets, taxes & paperwork – and I have to make a lot of effort to enjoy it – I’m head over heels in love with my business.

And I know being highly attentive to ALL the details helps me create at a very high level.

The deeper I dive into the stuff I don’t love and treat it as if it’s a tender baby that needs loads of TLC, the deeper I dive into the center of me. The present moment where everything is blissful.

Kirsty’s work reminds me that when I am being highly attentive to ALL the details & feeling in LOVE – I end up with Love. Art. Money. Baby.

So, the next time you’re not feeling the love for your business, ask yourself, ‘How would Kirsty Mitchell bring the love?’

Then you’ll know … what love really feels like.





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