Want Mobs Of Teenage Fans Screaming Your Name? Then Check Out Karl Lagerfeld’s Guru

I’m going to tell you a secret.

Then, I’m going to share an important business tip.

Then, I’m revealing something that will have you happy dancing in your stilettos.

Secret first.

Your favorite business guru doesn’t have a guru.

She doesn’t need one.


Because she is her own guru.

That’s not to say she doesn’t have role models or people she admires.

But when it comes down to running her business, there is only one voice she’s listening to. Her own.

Check it out …

Always be yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

Tony Robbins? Oprah? Elon Musk?

Nope. Bruce Lee.

Sure he had teachers along the way – every successful entrepreneur does – but he knew that your ultimate success came from being yourself. A complete individual.

Now here’s the important business tip.

Truly successful entrepreneurs don’t have gurus.

Like Karl Lagerfeld. He is his own guru.

While we don’t have time to go into everything that Karl has achieved, he’s most famous for designing for CHANEL & Fendi.

Ok. That got me a little hot & bothered writing that. I’ve been OBSESSED with both CHANEL & Fendi since I started my Vogue magazine addiction in the 3rd grade.

Karl is an icon so famous that he gets mobbed on the streets – even by teenagers!

And did I mention Karl is 81? Eighty. One.

Imagine that scene. Karl sauntering down a Parisian street – looking smooth in his all black silhouette – with giggling school girls begging for a selfie with him.

KARRRLLL!!!! KARRRLLL!!!! Can I get a selfie? I wanna post it to Instagram! PLEASE!!!!!

Talk about staying power.

He’s more influential than ever before. And all without a guru.

How does he do it? How is he so massively, epically creative AND relevant after all these years? Check out this quote from Karl.

“I build my own reality. I’ve created my own system that lets me sort out my life. I enjoy the luxury of being at the centre of this complete universe that’s mine.”

What he said is a blueprint to success.

I build my own reality.

Karl doesn’t care what a ‘fashion designer’ SHOULD BE, only what kind of fashion designer he ACTUALLY IS.

I’ve created my own system that lets me sort out my life.

Karl understands what he needs in order to create best. Even if it looks wack-a-doo to the rest of the world.

I enjoy the luxury of being at the centre of this complete universe that’s mine.

Karl’s calling the way he lives his life a luxury.

But not in the way that most people think of luxury.

He’s not saying, I finally earned enough money and gained enough prestige to live how I want.

He’s saying I created what I wanted first – to be the coolest, most creative, eccentric version of myself – and then I lived it.

And this is why he’s able to be a creative genius and design for …

CHANEL. Fendi. Balmain. Patou. Chloe. Fendi. H & M. Tommy Hilfiger. (Did I mention CHANEL?)

: And photograph his own advertising.

: Design a Karl teddy bear that retails for $1200.

: Make short films.

: And even has a legion of his own professional Muses.

Karl’s created a life where HE is the epicenter.

I’m always telling my clients that when you make yourself the epicenter of your business, amazing things happen.

Which is why I was thrilled to read that quote and find out that Karl agrees with me.

And what happens when you’re creating more, trusting yourself more, expressing yourself more?

It’s inevitable that teenagers will mob you in the street begging for selfies.

Okay, maybe that’s not your dream scenario.

But it IS inevitable that more money and opportunities will naturally start to flow in your direction.

Imagine what you’ll create – and achieve – when you make yourself the epicenter of your business.

Bruce Lee did it.

Karl Lagerfeld did it.

Now it’s your turn.

Just don’t get mad at me when you can’t go to your local Starbucks anymore without getting mobbed by groupies.


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