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I had a one question tarot reading with the one & only Alexis Morgan yesterday.

My BIG question? How can I best serve the planet?

Here’s her answer.

(And if you get goosebumps on your boobies when you read this, you’ll know it’s your truth too.)


“This is a big question for a single card – so I ended up drawing two!


To summarize in a sentence: Being direct and candid with folks about what it takes to get results and to change their own circumstances for the better. 

My guides are saying that there’s ‘too much talk, not enough walk’ in terms of discussions around success, defining success for oneself, and how we actually go about getting there.

Your voice & wisdom is one of pragmatic optimism: you see things for what they are, you crack the whip and urge people forward to take action in a way that’s intentioned and meaningful.

As we enter this next stage of evolution and growth as a species, things have kind of taken a turn for the crazy? Not kind of, definitely.

And as a result, the level of urgency behind people getting on the right path for them – which is naturally balanced, mindful, compassionate, and forward-thinking – is exceptional.

We’re on a speeding freight train towards some (potentially very rough), major sh*t for humanity to work through. 

So, anyone who has been equipped with tools to shepherd and guide folks to significant action – or to create space for that action – are realllllllly feeling the push.

Whereas I feel like a major part of my work/best service is on educating folks how to handle what’s to come from an emotional and mental perspective, you’re on the other side of that coin, equipping people with the tools and clarity to move forward even with that awareness that things can, might, and do get hairy and gross.

So, long story short: you’re already doing your best service to the planet – and the magnitude of the impact is just going to keep growing as you keep moving forward.”



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