5 Books Better Than A Glossy Tabloid (Sorry STAR Magazine!)

I love the following 5 books – like I love glossy tabloid magazines on a plane. Yummy!

They aren’t suffocating self-help. More affirmations! More mantras! More vision boards!

They don’t dictate the 8-steps to a better life. I’ll live my own existence. Thank you very much.

Highlighted. Dog-eared. And marked up, these fab 5 books are exploratory conversations around …

: Harnessing universal energy at any time. No matter how confused & crappy your day is.

: Asking questions as a way of gathering insight. Rather than seeking more and more useless information.

: Why scaling back our desires, actually speeds up manifestations. Really? The less desires I have, the more desires I experience? Sign me up!




The Untethered Soul for when I need to remember that if I allow my fears & un-met desires to taunt me – instead of softly passing through my heart, I’ll slink into the seat of my soul. Ok. Let’s tell the truth! My soul sits on a giant diamond encrusted throne.


The Surrender Experiment for when I forget that I have an intimate relationship with God, the Universe, the Divine. And that more affirmations, mantras or mindset gimmicks won’t bring me closer to our connection. Pure presence is our pleasure.


I AM for when I’m feeling like no matter how much adoration & praise I receive, it’s only temporarily fulfilling. So annoying! Since we are actually made of ‘matter’ – it’s human (and humane) to want to matter.


Time in a Bottle for when I’ve unwittingly teetered over to the land of push & shove. ‘Why is it taking soooooooooo long!’ After a chapter – or two – I come to my senses and move even deeper into my art. When I allow my own business to captivate & charm me, all’s well. 


The Tao Te Ching goes perfectly with morning coffee. It’s my everything. If you want to know the eternal secret to effortless action, epic productivity & bliss – this short book is your new business bestie. And it’s tiny enough to tuck away into almost any handbag!


The list is short. The power is HUGE. 

Tell me what you discover.


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