There’s ALWAYS A Market For What You Do (Like Chakra Cleansing For Horses. )

There’s ALWAYS market for what you do. 

What if you think your business idea is kind of crazy?

Not crazy-good, but crazy-just-a-little-bit-out-there?

Where people might not ‘get it.’ Or buy it.

: Crystal healing for horses.

: A children’s book on how to attract a vampire.

: Aromatherapy dryer sheets.

Don’t let ‘far out’ ideas stop you. 

Because if you’ve had the idea, there’s bound to be others who are wishing that it existed.

At one point, plenty of people were WISHING there were things like cell phones, electric cars, and reiki sessions that didn’t include a pilgrimage to Japan.

It only took ONE person to follow through – and make that idea a reality. A reality that now people can’t imagine life without.

Like TESLA. Co-founder Elon Musk made saving the planet sexy.

Here’s another one: High-End Vegan Accessories.

Yeah right.

Because vegans can get a bad fashion rap – all fuzzy legs, rag socks and clunky sandals.

Have you ever flipped the formula? That it’s not that vegans are less fashionable, but that it’s harder for them to find fashionable clothing and sexy handbags?

Stella McCartney, a life-long vegetarian, is a one-stop shopping place for the vegan-ista with taste.

She’s been in business since 1997, and has never once used leather or any other animal skin in her collections.

And her line is very, very stylish. And massively popular.

At first the fashion world was dismissive of the no-leather policy – thinking there wasn’t a market for it. They had no idea.

In fact, the fashion world was dismissive of McCartney herself – suggesting that she was getting by on her famous father’s name (Paul McCartney) rather than her own talent.

Karl Lagerfeld was publicly snippy when she took over from him at Chloe in 1997 – suggesting that she couldn’t possibly have any talent, and was hired for her name alone.

The cat claws are out. 

And while McCartney agrees that her name helped her for that first appointment, it didn’t take long for her to make her own name synonymous with hard work, excellence, innovation, and mega-sales.

Just 5 years later, when she struck out on her own, she was able to negotiate a 50-50 partnership with her backer, mega brand Gucci – who is now owned by Kering –  giving her an unheard of amount of control over her own line.

All because she believed in what she wanted to design. Amazing clothes and accessories for women exactly like her. Vegans.

Fashionable vegans.

This is a perfect example where Stella’s values and powers combine – she’s holding true to her own ethics, and creating a bag for women who believe the same way she does. And want to dress the same way she does.

As for the idea that there is no market for non-leather accessories? Some of Stella’s bags sell for more than $2200. And plenty of fancy ladies are buying them.

Again, I say.

There’s a market for what you do. Always. 


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