Derek Halpern’s Secret Weapon To Success (And It’s Not His Killer Eyebrows.)

Why is everyone talking about Derek Halpern?”

I asked myself in 2011.

Before I ever met Derek Halpern, I’d heard a lot about him. And everyone seemed to have something great to say about him.

Who is this guy, I wondered?

So I went to his site, and still couldn’t figure out what the big deal was – other than his stunning eyebrows. Have you seen them? Really, stunning.

But I kept hearing his name again and again, so I went back to Social Triggers and this time, instead of glossing over his site, I listened to one of his podcasts.

Then … I got it.

Derek’s smart – but LOTS of people are smart.

Derek’s a great marketer – but LOTS of people are great marketers.

Derek’s an amazing and witty writer – but LOTS of people are amazing and witty writers.

But what Derek Halpern has in spades – that a lot of people DON’T have, is ENTHUSIASM.

The kind of enthusiasm that makes you feel ALIVE.

After listening to the podcast, I walked away feeling inspired, motivated, and believing I could do anything.

(And for someone who does that for other people, that’s saying a lot.)

And then … I COULDN’T get Derek out of my mind.

Not in some creepy web-stalker sort of way (although I would like to date his eyebrows) but in a way that had me wondering about just HOW he had gotten me so motivated and inspired.

And that’s when I realized an important lesson. It’s not about what you do, it’s about the enthusiasm you bring to your business.

Pair that enthusiasm with something you’re really passionate about – in Derek’s case he’s on a mission to help people have blogs & websites that convert to sales.

He REALLY wants you to succeed.

And he also wants to help people understand that to succeed in the online marketplace you must spend 20% of your time writing killer content and then spend 80% of your time promoting that killer content.

Which really make sense –  if you think about it.

Why would you spend several hours (or more) crafting a beautiful blog post, and then spend 5 minutes promoting it?

Content is a commercial for your business (although a much longer commercial than the average 30-second one you see on TV).

And if what you wrote is good, then don’t you want it helping as many people as possible?

Derek Halpern is ENTHUSIASTIC about …

1. Excelling in your craft.

2. Promoting like you mean it.



1. Being accountable to YOUR greatness.

2. Having confidence in YOUR business.

3. Turning YOUR creativity into commerce.


Your turn …

I am ENTHUSIASTIC about ___________________.

I am ENTHUSIASTIC about ___________________.

I am ENTHUSIASTIC about ___________________.


Once you’re no longer curbing your enthusiasm, make it a part of your business plan.

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