DON’T HAVE ENOUGH CUSTOMERS? (5 Questions To Ask Yourself, Right Now)

If you don’t have enough customers, I have five questions for you:

1. WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO DATE? (What’s your criteria?)

EXAMPLE: 13 years ago when I was a single gal, I had an extensive list of everything I wanted in a boyfriend …

Speaks 7 languages,

CEO of a multinational company,

Yoga enthusiast,

Loves to cook gourmet food,

Adores animals (and possibly volunteers at an animal shelter),

Meditates on a daily basis,

Owns a Bugatti … or two …

So, as you can imagine with my impossible demands, I was struggling to find Mr. Right. So I simplified.

And asked myself, “Erika, what are the 2 most important things you want in a relationship?”

: I want to feel fulfilled – meaning I want to feel like he fully accepts all that I am, and all that I’m not.

: I want to be in a committed relationship – meaning I want a guy who makes me a top priority, no matter how busy his life or career is.

And once I made this simple criteria – fulfilled & committed – and stopped dating and sleeping with guys who didn’t fit my list, I realized that I had known MR. RIGHT all along.

I promise that as soon as YOU simplify your criteria and figure out who you’re trying to ‘date,’ you’ll know exactly how to attract these hotties into your business.



EXAMPLE: Most people don’t know how to effectively sell their products & services, let alone their ideas.

And if they do know how to sell, it’s typically done in a formulaic, old-school, sleazy manner.

Translation? You resist selling & self-promoting because it feels gross.

Bigger translation? Your business isn’t profitable.

I teach women how to be personalize their sales process, so that selling & promoting feels as natural & fun as …

: Ordering a martini at happy hour.

: Cruising for your next pair of heels on Net-A-Porter.

: Hugging a puppy.

Once you figure out the exact problem you solve, your ‘dates’ will know if they want you – or not.

(Like you wouldn’t be reading this post if you had all the customers you wanted. And I wouldn’t have CHANEL on my speed dial if I wasn’t ready for my next handbag.)



EXAMPLE: I want my audience to feel like they can be their badass selves – with no apologies.

And by badass I don’t just mean rebellious and outspoken, I mean YOU being YOU in business.

I want you to feel like you have permission to …

: Wear black leather catsuits to board meetings – and be admired for your exquisite individuality.

: Blog about Christian gospel AND Norwegian death metal AND raw food recipes – and have your audience beg for more.

: Love your customers, like you love your furbabies.

When you do YOU in business – and you’re solving problems for your ‘dates’ – you boost your bottom line.


4. ARE YOU MAKING THE ASK? (Are you actually … selling?)

If you want to have a profitable business – you’ve got to have sales.

Which means your entire platform needs to be centered on asking for the business.

Think of it this way. The only reason clothing companies – like Tory Burch – have email lists and social media accounts, is to sell to you.

Tory might be a swell gal, but she’s not online to make friends. She’s online because she’s got a billion dollar business to run.


5. ARE YOU HUSTLING TOO HARD? (Are you determined, or are you desperate?)

How do you know if you’re determined or desperate?

DETERMINED LOOKS LIKE THIS: Passing on customers who don’t fit your ‘dating’ criteria.

DESPERATE LOOKS LIKE THIS: Doing business with anyone who will give you money – no matter how rude, annoying, or disrespectful they are.

Sure, being desperate is good for a quick sale, but in the long-term being desperate is exhausting – and not for a sustainable & profitable business.

So don’t be like Desperate, the stripper I used to work with who walked around the club like a sad clown no one wanted to hire.

Be like Honey & Sugar: strippers who were determined to sell, baby sell.

And sell they did.


signature 2
P.S. I thought Sugar’s name was so fun to say, that for a short while I changed my stage name from Bianca to Sugar. Maybe I should go back … Sugar Lyremark …



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