Is It Just Me? Or Is THIS BIZARRE? (And The Simple Secret To Lifelong Success.)

Have you seen the latest Harper’s Bazaar?

OMG! The second I saw it I started drooling.

Kendall Jenner in black, white, and red?

And a whole editorial on black, white and red accessories?

Someone has definitely been checking out my website. We’ll just call it an homage to moi.

And inside?

Soooo many beautiful things. I wanted to cut out all the jewelry photos and tape them directly on my body.

Those Gucci zebra striped platforms with tassel/tails on the back?

That’s when I made the noise that caused Chad to ask if I was looking at porn.

“Yes, Chad, I’m looking at porn. Zebra striped porn.”

Just flipping through the pages was an immersion in gorgeous hair and glowing skin, articles on toning up, eating clean, and a cigarette ad….

Wait. WHAT???

A nasty cigarette ad?

All of a sudden I went from radiant fashion foreplay and right into wanting to punch something.

So furious that I actually tweeted Harper’s Bazaar & Hearst Corporation about how stupid the advertising was.

Harper’s Bazaar made a choice to advertise something seriously out of alignment with their message – because there’s nothing glamorous about smoking – and Harper’s Bazaar IS the ultimate in high-glam.

This unglamorous choice was so ugly that I questioned the integrity of their business – and for a split second I thought about cancelling my subscription.

Now … it’s easy to point out Harper’s misalignment – because it’s sooo obvious!

But what about your business?

What are the things that you’re doing that aren’t in alignment with the bigger message of your business?

Is your message about …

  • Healthy eating – yet 50% of the food you eat is processed because you’re in too much of a hurry to prepare fresh food?

  • Being fully self-expressed – yet you’re afraid to wear your favorite purple & white polka dot mini-dress to a networking event because it’s slightly outrageous and what if people don’t like it?

  • Bliss – yet you constantly pick fights with people and blame everyone else for the lack of blissful people in the world?

Reading that list, did anything come to mind?

Let me ask the question differently … Where are you NOT being intentional?

  • Are you holding back and not sharing your unique ideas?

  • Are you hiding out because you’re afraid to be seen?

  • Are you not saying what needs to be said?  

Well guess what?

When you’re NOT intentional your business suffers.

Your mood drops and instead of elegantly hustling, you’re spending all your energy trying to figure out why you suck.

Your confidence crumbles like a 6-day-old cookie left out in the beating summer sun.

Your profits whither and you start to wonder if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


When you’re I.N.T.E.N.T.I.O.N.A.L. your business soars.

You’re obnoxiously happy and thrilled to elegantly hustle because you’ve got more energy than a 6-year old who just ate birthday cake and drank a pitcher of kool-aid.

You’ve got more confidence than Donald Trump on a good hair day.

Your profits rise. And you know – without a doubt – that you’ve got what it takes, baby!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a triple dose of INTENTIONALITY – because I love being freakishly excited about my work, overflowing with confidence, and bringing in the money, honey.

And if that’s what you want too, then you’ve got to do this immediately…

And while there’s no smoking allowed, after a week with me, your business will definitely be SMOKIN’ HOT!


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