Vanilla Manifestation VS Red-Hot Cherry Manifestation. (Can You Guess Which Version Coco Chanel Chose?)

I believe that anything is possible for anyone.

But NOT if you’re a Vanilla Manifestor.

What is Vanilla Manifestation?

Let’s dig in!

A Vanilla Manifestation is something you want to manifest …

Say a multiple 6-figure business where you’re getting paid to do exactly what you want to do.

Sounds haute to me!

… But instead of developing products & services, creating a consistent sales & marketing plan, and then implementing your plan like a woman hell-bent on success, you …


  • Create a vision board plastered with pictures of all the designer clothes you’ll buy, the luxurious home you’ll live in – complete with furniture from Roche Bobois & Ligne Roset – and the 5-star vacations you’ll take once you’re rich & famous.

  • Call up your girlfriends to see if you’ve got a blind-spot you need to uncover, then obsessively & religiously heal your ‘money-stories’, analyze why your family is so messed up, and craft the perfect affirmation guaranteed to deliver results.

  • Brush up on at least 32 ‘Law of Attraction’ books, blogs & podcasts to make sure you’re generating the right vibration. Cuz from everything you’ve read, nothing good will happen if you have one tiny negative thought & feeling – or you’ve chosen the wrong desire. Gasp!


You do all of this BEFORE you take one single step toward your Red Carpet Dream.

And then – usually several weeks later – you’ve talked yourself out of your Red Carpet Dream because you’re too busy healing your ‘money story’, tweaking your affirmation, or obsessing over your vibration. Is it high enough?

THAT is Vanilla Manifestation.

And if I get one more offer to speak at a tele-summit on how to quickly & easily make 6-figures, I will quit the Internet.

And worse yet …

Many Vanilla Manifestors spend thousands of dollars a year buying programs & products that preach the same theories on Vanilla Manifestation – just sprinkled with different toppings and served in varying dishes.


If you’re done with Vanilla Manifestation – level up and play with the big girls.

Like Coco Chanel.


Her whole life was based on taking risks – not just thinking about them.

  • One right after the other. Every time she got a wild hair idea, she said YES!

  • Black dresses & short skirts at a time when black was for funerals and clothing swept the ground? YES!

  • Swaths of faux pearls and costume jewelry when jewelry was intended to discreetly indicate social status? YES!

  • Easy care dresses in a fabric before only used for men’s unmentionables? YES!

  • Trousers for women at a time when revealing the legs was considered shocking? YES!

  • A perfume that was bold and modern rather than dainty and demure? YES!

Chanel was not some magical unicorn who galloped on a rainbow of money, genius, and good fortune.

Chanel was a hard working lady.

And she didn’t waste her time with bullshit Vanilla Manifestation theories.


And every choice she made was a risk.

She borrowed money that she needed to pay back. With no family or social standing, she had a lot to lose. Not every creation was a success.

But she made a decision. To be her own woman. Be the epitome of chic. And make a fortune.

From that moment, the Universe started showering her with ideas and opportunities.

And Chanel said YES!

So what’s your manifestation flavor going to be?


Or Red-Hot Cherry?


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