PERIOD PANTIES, Conscious Capitalism & And Why You Should Never Reinvent The Wheel

Elon Musk didn’t reinvent the electric car. He tweaked how the car functions.

Buttons with a shank one-upped buttons with holes in them – which were notorious for breaking in half under stress conditions.

(The inventor must have known that one day women would adore the torturous ritual of stuffing ourselves into skinny jeans.)

Zippers one-upped buttons so ladies could dress themselves without a maid.

And let’s not even talk about Velcro.

Or pizza delivery?

It’s not reinventing pizza, it’s tweaking how our pizza gets to us.

While we lie on the couch in pale pink fuzzy slippers watching Pretty Little Liars. Who’s not down for that?


So don’t worry about the mythical ‘new’ thing.

The best product & service designs comes from getting freakishly excited about improving anything and EVERYTHING.

Cars. Music. Water. Incense. Books. Tampons. Pads. Period proof underwear.

And period proof underwear is exactly what Miki Agrawal is improving and making bank on.

THINX is period proof underwear that protects women from leaks, is washable, antimicrobial and …

… most importantly … SEXY.

Hot looking panties that free you from using a pad or tampon and the kind of annoying / embarrassing / horrific accidents that have happened to us all?

(Like the time I leaked on our COUCH.)

Where do I sign up? Says me and about a million other women.

3 years of research, and Agrawal not only just finished a second round of multi-million venture capital fundraising, but she’s poised to disrupt the 15 billion dollar ‘feminine protection’ market, as well as reduce the millions of tons of landfill caused by unrecyclable pads and tampon applicators.


Not only that, but she deliberately built THINX after the Warby Parker ‘buy one, give one’ model – for every brief, boyshort, and thong (yes, period proof thongs!) sold, THINX donates reusable pads to AFRIpads.

Do you need a better definition of ‘Conscious Capitalism’?


Agrawal also developed ..

ICON UNDIES – another sexy panty for stress-incontinence (an issue 1 in every 3 women deals with).

TUSHY – a low cost, low fuss bidet attachment for any toilet that reduces the tons of toilet paper & baby wipes the Western world consumes each year.

So here’s a directive from DAILY WHIP HQ: stop worrying about creating new things, and start getting excited about improving things.

And if you’re worried that the stuff that inspires you isn’t sexy enough, just remember, Agrawal made…

  • Menstruation
  • Accidental tinkling
  • Washing your booty


So anything is possible. Really. Anything.





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