(Business) Poster Girl – Do You Believe In Magic?


Do you believe in magic?

I do.

Not in the way that you can cast a spell and sit on your adorable booty waiting for a brand spankin’ new Aston Martin DB11 to roll into your driveway – complete with a custom made black leather Chanel driving suit paired with white kidskin quilted leather gloves…

Ahh dreamy …

But in the magical sort of way that when you’re fully aligned in your brand, your business, your marketing – all engines vibing high – that the right people and opportunities will be delivered to your (virtual) front door.

Check it.

Last week, I spent 4 days re-writing, polishing & perfecting the MARK’D Women sales page (for at least the 27th time since I launched MARK’D MASTERY 7 months ago). 

I’ve never been more proud of the clarity of the sales page, gorgeous visuals, polished writing, and brand new member benefits.

The new sales page even looks magical.

And then on Thursday, I got this text from Sarah Ashman, Brand Strategist & Creative Director at Public Persona.

“Guess who signed up for MARK’D? This girl! I’m so tired of living in my head about creating new products It’s time. Finally.”

Ok. I’m freakishly excited that Sarah signed up because …

  • She’s one of my best friends.
  • She’s effin’ brillz. And has done branding for major names like Madonna, Mercedes & Aerin Lauder.
  • She looks exactly like the MARK’D MASTERY fancy lady from my sales page.

Look! High cheek bones. Succulent red lips. Platinum locks.


And Sarah is the (Business) Poster Girl for MARK’D Women.




Going places.

Kind & generous.

And if you’re also …




Going places.

Kind & generous.

Allow me to work my magic on you in MARK’D Women.

Our next Weekly Business Whipping is THIS Monday.

I’m showing the ladies How To Put Your (EXPERT) Face Forward – so that your customers don’t just see you as a business.


They see you as the EXPERT.

The one. And only. EXPERT.

Better yet, we’re going to practice putting our (EXPERT) face forward inside our private Facebook community all week long.

Yep. I’ll be dishin’ out personalized coaching & feedback to each woman in MARK’D MASTERY so that she feels confident about sharing her EXPERTISE.

I don’t just teach valuable business-changing information, I make sure that all of my fancy ladies understand the information.

And then help them customize the information to their specific business needs.

I know it’s holiday time … but come on.

Success is the best gift you can give yourself.

And I won’t be teaching ‘How To Put Your (Expert) Face Forward’ for another 356 days.

I’ll be there. Sarah will be there. Will you be there?


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