Your Opinion Is Your BFF. Use It! (Plus, My Not-So-Secret Girl Crushes.)

Voicing your opinion can feel scary – it brings out all kinds of issues about whether you’ll be likable, relatable, or even employable.


But successful entrepreneurs ALWAYS have an opinion.

And not a fuzzy, wishy-washy one. But a SHARP, SHARP, SHARP opinion.

An opinion so sharp that it pierces through the internet noise.

Some may voice their opinions with a dash more sugar than others, but they still voice them.

Critical equation coming up …




If you’re constantly toning down because you’re fearful of what others will think – then your future doesn’t belong to you.

Other people’s opinions will OWN you – and your work.

But when you take a stand, people will recognize your truth and act on it.

They’ll either love it and buy up everything you have to sell – or they won’t. And will move on.


Case in point.

One of the smartest, most successful, uncompromising women in the world: Anna Wintour, Chief Editor at Vogue. (And one of my serious girl crushes.)

When you think of her, the adjective that springs to mind isn’t the word ‘nice’.

Driven. Focused. Bold. Editorial. Visionary, YES!

Nice? No. Hell no.

But that’s not a bad thing.

Wintour has been at the helm of Vogue for more than 22 years, And has shaped the fashion industry into what it is today.

And during that time, she has raised our expectations as well.

  • Inspiring fashion editorials.
  • Female empowerment.
  • Bold decision making.

I trust Wintour to stand her ground and pursue her vision – whatever the cost.

When she took over the chief editor spot at Vogue in 1988, the magazine was in a slump.

Diana Vreeland (my other major girl crush) had been the last memorable editor, and she had been gone for MORE THAN 18 years.

Fashion insiders refer to that period as Vogue’s ‘beige years.’

Nothing against beige.

But in the fashion world being called ‘beige’ is a major bitch-slap.

Look at Diana Vreeland. No one would ever call her ‘beige.’

Thank goodness help was on the way.


From the first issue, Wintour revitalized the magazine.

She was the first to champion ‘high/low’ fashion – couture mixed with streetwear, and essentially created the energetic, sophisticated, confident and stylish woman, who then became her devoted readers.

Print circulation for Vogue is currently one of the highest of any fashion/lifestyle magazine, and Wintour made the jump to the internet before any other magazine – and she had to battle to do it.

Nowadays if you’re not online you’re old school. Back then, you were progressive.

Wintour’s VERY strongly held opinions pushed Vogue into the future.

In an interview from the Bloomberg Game Changers series, she spoke about how being decisive is actually very comforting for her staff – because …

  • They know where they stand with her.
  • They’re confident that they’re being led by someone who knows what she’s doing.
  • Her decisiveness forces them to trust their own creativity & skills.

People respond to women with a CLEAR & CONSISTENT vision.

Your opinion is your BFF.

So … Whip out your passion. Whip up your opinions. Whip the world with your vision.

And maybe you’ll be my next girl crush.


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